Thursday, November 1, 2012

what would you say?

"here's a little baby, one, two, three..."

the opening line of our daughter's favourite story book when she was two came to mind when i edited this picture

and it kind of works just fine, right here, right now

this is my little baby

i've been fiddling away with it for a few days now, on and off

and am happy to say that it's almost done
still that last tag to finish... what i have, i'm not sure i like, so i'm waitin' on an idea...

also figuring out the "12 days of christmas" header

but here's a look at where it's at now

all the days are stuck down, some with bits of lace tucked behind them, remnants of projects past

an assortment of buttons for the hangers

6 is my husband's favourite number
 {6 is "blessings"}
  i used a fancy stitch on my sewing machine to add sturdiness to the pocket tops

 lace tacked in place, one creamy white and the other tan, both vintage and handmade

 i love it just like this... muslin, lace, brown paper, pretty stitches....

evenweave ribbon purchased in france, meant for cross-stitch, but perfect for this

with a beautiful pin from our the local antique store, the "curiosity shop"

 a tiny pink felt mitten

 everything on here has meaning for me, absolutely everything...
and as i'm a storyteller as much as an artist
i think i need to write an artist's statement to go along with this piece

 i suppose it goes to a need to be understood, to believe that people will understand why i did it that way; why this and not that...

i don't want to write a full-on reveal of every single detail and nuance - but i do want to convey why i chose some of what i chose

 i do think i need to leave some of that knowledge behind - and let there be that which can be open to interpretation

so people can add their own story....

i think art is a relationship... a triad...

the art itself, the artist and the viewer

 if an artist's statement tells the whole story, is it not then harder for the viewer to find their own way?

to add their own understanding, to form their own connection?

to discover for themselves what meaning might be there, just for them?

their own magical moment?

what do you think?


Createology said...

Jillayne Dear I think this is pure beauty and elegance and I love it! Your short artist's statement should definitely belong with this, yet I agree the buyer must make their own connection also. I see a label on the back sort of like is on a quilt that stays with this labor of love so future generations will be able to appreciate and connect to this treasured heirloom. Bravo!
Now I am green with envy and that is not attractive now that Halloween is past. I love what you have created! This should be a class you charge lots for at the quilt shop for next summer or fall.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Jillayne,
I do believe that you've created a true heirloom. One that will be treasured for generations! I love that you're thinking of adding a story to go with it. Perhaps one more envelope on the back to hold your thoughts?

Congratulations on your stunning creation.

Marj Talbot said...

What a beauty. I agree - adding a story or a statement. A class is a terrific idea - wish I could join in on it. I love all the stitching and such nice numbers. Great work - thanks for sharing again.

Suztats said...

Oh, Jillayne, it's so beautiful--not just in it's presentation, but in it's meaning

Bead and Needle said...

I're spot on! This is stunning, Jillayne! Happy Friday - take a break! :-) XOXO

karen said...

there you go again talking about Christmas!!! It's a good thing your embroidery is so beautiful or I would NEVER come back!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh...I love the idea of leaving space for others to find their own meaning/interpretation. And this piece is very many ways.

Laura said...

Mom, this is exquisite. Your thoughtfulness and creativity just blows me away. XO

Alisa Noble said...

I would agree... and I think the word triad is a good description.

Your work is beautiful as always, Jillayne.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Absolutely gorgeous,Jillayne.
Thank's for playing in my giveaway and good luck to you:)
Have a wonderful day.