Friday, November 30, 2012

going dark and other such things

this post will likely be as scattered as i feel right now - the sale is less than a week away and i think i might just have to break down and make a list or two...
which would make the manager quite delighted as she is all about lists
degree of importance

you name it, she lists it
(i did put her at the top of mr. claus' lists... you guess which one...)

she's a gemini and list are part of her life

i, however, choose to be the "arteest"
(which means " i make it up as i go...")

below you'll see what i made up for the mice

for mr. and mrs. claus to be precise
seemed appropriate

so after much fiddling with the computer and paint, this is what i parked them on

probably spent far too much time on it but i like the detail it adds without being in your face

the poem is there (in part)
and they're strategically placed so you can read the most relevant parts

so much time though...
from their clothes to the hands and feet, the candy cane, glasses and hair
and furry trim

which is a story in itself - painted mohair with bits of sparkly white fibres snipped and glued on, all distressed with a fork... 
overkill maybe, but i got the look i wanted but couldn't just go out and buy

i love things where all you get are snatches of the story,
you're not given it all - have to fill in a little for yourself

and i so love the twiggy hands and feet - love!
 then this came in the mail...
and i've been tempted to lose my focus

when this sale is behind me, and the joyous festive season is over,
the decorations packed up, and memories folded away

i will be playing with this little bundle that arrived yesterday

book board

yes, it's here - all the bookboard and the beginnings of some special papers for the christmas books i'll be making

a while back i posted about my idea for a christmas card book and asked who might be interested

the list below is all those who expressed interest
i sent out emails a while back to every one except mary and kim b 
(you haven't got an email address attached to your profile so couldn't send it, but you're in if you still want to be...)
i hated the idea of leaving anyone out so decided we were all in 

here we all are:

kim b
mary walden

mary and kim - hope you are still wanting in - please email me with your email so i can send you the card sizes and my address

i can't tell you how excited i am about this project

you only have to send five cards for the group and one for me
and if you have changed your mind i understand - just let me know that you won't be sending any so i am not waiting for them

and in january, i''ll still be humming a christmas tune
whilst i think of you and how special you and this project are to me

making something that lasts

and now, in the words of jack bauer from "24"

i'm going "dark" for a week...
i likely won't get around to your blogs until next weekend, or answer emails
(which i'm slow at at the best of times!)
but i'll be thinking about you and looking forward to seeing what all of you are up to when i'm finally not up to anything at all!


The French Bear said...

Oh I am so in! Love the mice, they are adorable!!!!
I wish I could be there.........I wish you the best, don't forget to take breaks while you are creating....necks get pretty stiff in that bent over the machine position, ha ha!
I'm still working on things like mad but I have done a lot considering I do have to actually leave the house for physio....really cuts into my stitching time.

Mosaic Magpie said...

What EVER you are doing, I want to be right in the middle of it!!! I have been thinking about those Christmas Cards, lots of ideas. I will be waiting instruction on the size needed. Good Luck with the sale.
The base is perfect for the mice and I too love the twiggy feet...they look real!

Marj Talbot said...

Well I'd wager those mice will be the first to go at your sale. They are VERY nice - love the idea of the base/poem. I'm sure your sale will be a great success - wish I could be there.

Dorthe said...

You made wonders with your mice and how you displayed them on that gorgeous looking piece and with the "papers" in hands.
I totally know what you are speaking about, dear Jillayne...all the work, that we will never be paied for, when selling our precious pieces, -and how could we ever price our creations, according to the time and effort spend -we can`t-
Just sometimes it is not what counts--but the joy and fun having while creating something from our hearts.
Hugs, from Dorthe

Shirley said...

Hi Jillayne, Your little mice is so adorable and I wouldn't mind having them where I could see them and think of you. I wish you a wonderful sale and I know your little mice will go to a new home. Have a great week and take care of yourself. You need a break at times. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Createology said...

You know I am secretly hoping that these precious mice on the wooden plaque are hiding during your sale so I can purchase them and give them a very good home. You have gone to extreme painstaking details in making these and they are so you my dear. Your sale will be a lovely event and very successful because of you and your dedication.
Yes, I am totally in for sending you Christmas cards for the books you will be making. You are an angel my friend. Bless You Dear!!!

Alisa Noble said...

Sometimes it needs to be about the details.

Suztats said...

Love Love Love the Santa Mice on the stand! The details are what make it so special.
I'm still in for the cards! I've been working on them already, but have had more ideas......oh, which ones to choose?