Monday, November 12, 2012


there's a mouse in the house!

or two, or three, or four even...

trying my hand at something new and having fun


i've never painted on muslin before
have no idea how you're supposed to do it
but i took a notion and gave it a whirl and am thrilled with the results

 these little guys were meant to be coffee stained
but i didn't think i wanted coffee-smelling mice
and after mulling it over for a day or two, and being determined not to go out and buy felt or anything,
i decided i would try painting the muslin

and i'm happy to report  i have only one poor "guinea-pig" carcass on my worktable
poor little gaffer, sacrificed himself for the greater good
(maybe someday i'll make him into a dark brown mouse...)

 the funniest part was how i found my self chattering away to them as we went
even arguing a bit now and then about who got to wear what and why

and why so-and-so was always getting dressed first and this one was always last

and who got first pick of the buttons
and was i positively certain there would be a fabulous scarf to go with that shirt?!

and what made me think that black pants, a green shirt and a yellow scarf matched? certainly not with red mittens!
and this shirt is yicky because the trees on the sleeves are upside down...upside down, you know!

"i hate liney pants!"

 "jingly bells make my ears hurt..."

yep, i heard it all
but they are oh so cute and now that they're all dressed and almost ready to go i've already forgotten all the complaining

almost ready.... except for one tiny detail... but i don't have it in me to fight this fight with them

they need names

and as i can hear the cacophony about to begin, perhaps you have a suggestion or two?
or three
or four?


Laura said...

But do they eat mini Lifesaver rolls?

They need "old man" names. Like Orson... or Elmer... or Artie... LOL. Have fun with the naming! Best part, if you ask me :)

Judys Fabrications said...

These little mice are absolutely gorgeous! I paint on fabric too, and it works well.

Suztats said...

How adorable! I'm thinking short names like Ab,Arnie, Arthur, and Archie. The 4 A club, tee hee, or Mack, Micky, Marty and Mark? Whatever you call them, they're cuties.

FlowerLady said...

Those are so sweet! You just want to pick them up and hug them all. :-) You did a lovely job.


Marj Talbot said...

great job - oh so cute
How about Bo Joe Moe and Poe
Thanks for sharing such a cute project - what a cheery way to start my day. Great work!!

KW said...

OK have outdone yourself yet again. These mice are.........can't even think of a word to describe how darn adorable they are.

Robin said...

These are all so cute Jillayne! Hope you are having a great week.


Bead and Needle said...

You may THINK the trees are upside down, but to the mouse who is looking at his hands, they are right side's the rest of the trees that are upside down!

These are A-DORABLE, Jillayne...XOXOXO Tanya

Dorthe said...

OH they are adorable, dear Jillayne- so cute and sweet- they looks very satisfied about all, and they will maybe not argue too much about their names.I love you painted the muslin, and found such a wonderful tone, for your little brown mice.
Hugs, and happy creating.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh Jillayne, They are so cute! It looks like you had lots of fun creating and dressing those little guys.

Deb said...

These are so cute and as I was reading your post and looking at each of the photos these names came to mind
first one in black pants-Bramley
second with dot scarf-Tinker
3rd with red dot hat-Chester M. Mouse
4th with red checked pants-Abigail

These have such personality wonderful creations.

Alisa Noble said...

Too cute, Jillayne!
I like Laura's name choices.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I am thinking....Squeek, Cheesie, Ho Ho and Sugar Britches! Make some more the gang needs backup!

Createology said...

Oh you have me laughing and loving these precious mice. Each one with its own distinct personality. I just adore your creations dear! They would love to live here in my mouse house...oh the parties they could have. Uber cute!!! I am so happy to see you able to spend time being creative and getting ready for your annual sale. Blissful Creating...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jillayne! Those mouse sure are ready for the Holidays. They are so cute with that hat on their head. Great work.
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FredaB said...

These little guys would almost make my mouse phobia go away. I said
"Almost". They are adorable and I bet will sell fast.



suziqu's thread works said...

What an absolute wonderful line up of the cutest dressed mice! In fact I haven't ever seen a better one Jillayne.
These are adorable!