Tuesday, October 9, 2012


surprising what one little word can do
when you put it in your head and try to focus on it

even though i have been sick with a terrible cold, i have had a pretty wonder-full week

thanksgiving with the kids
made my first vegan thanksgiving dinner, complete with pumpkin pie and whip cream
(both kids are vegan now so we honoured their choice with a dinner we could all share and enjoy)

did the 10k at the kelowna marathon
(walk, not run!)

and had some time to play with my embroiderer's ledger

i'm hopelessly behind but am so loving this course

we just did tissue collage with embroidery and i can tell you this alone is worth the whole course fee

my new favourite technique!

this has had some free motion stitching done to it and is now awaiting the hand embroidery
(the design of which i am still pondering)

 because my inspiration paper has tiny rosebuds on it i am going to incorporate hearts into the mix

and i love these scrolling designs

 loops and swirls and lots of places to add hand stitching

these will get cut/torn apart eventually and attached to my ledger

 below you can see my first page...
inspiration paper
colour matching with paint
colour matching with coloured pencils
colour matching with thread

 next i will do more painting and then play with stitch ideas, first on paper and then on cloth

 i love the "woven" background texture and the delicate foliage, both of which i hope to interpret in hand embroidery

i've already done some with the machine...
 and i need to minimize the effect of the holes in the leaves, created where ever i had to backtrack

not a big deal but bothersome enough i want to try to do something about them

 i love these little three petaled designs

 trying out a "border-design"

this "fragment" is ready for embellishment - loving the organic shape of it

i'm already thinking of playing with this technique for my october "wonder"  heart,
and the colours will come from this rock

when we buried bozzy, all the rocks in the soil we dug were smooth round whitish grey ones - piles of them, but as i was scooping out the last bit i noticed a dark lump that was completely different than all the others

i brushed off the dirt and was surprised to find this - ragged, irregular, a golden colour with shots of rust and a bit of black
when i washed it off i was surprised to see how sparkly it was - the prettiest rock i've ever seen
....and so odd compared to all the others
it seemed fitting, seemed like him
so i kept it and now it sits on my work table

inspiring me in all sorts of wondrous ways


Laura said...

More... pie...

Bead and Needle said...

"Bozzy's Rock"...LOVE it - and how pretty it is! And there is nothing more relaxing to me than doodling with free-motion. Hope each day is mending that heart just a bit, Jillayne...Happy Wednesday - Love, Tanya

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
your ledger will become a very most beautiful book- I love your choice of inspirational piece ,for colours -so autumnlike, and quiet colours.
The tissue collage is stunning, I so love how it looks, and the patterns you used are so lovely- woun`t it be hard tearing it apart, :-) ?
The rock Jillayne, is so exeptional beautiful, what a special thing to find it among all the other round ones, just where you burried Buzzy.I so understand you kept it !
Happy wisches from me.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

So glad you're enjoying Karen's class - I'm hoping to do one next year. I'm quite keen on her buttons.

What a beautiful memory rock of Bozzy - it's good to have something beautiful to hold on to.

Shane ♥

suziqu's thread works said...

I am so pleased that we can join in on your e-course with Karen.
I love the texture and colours of the inspirational piece - it is beautiful and now the free machine stitching on the tissue looks fantastic - I'm looking forward to seeing the roses on it too.

Memories of Bozzy will now be woven into your pieces using the beautiful shades in that rock as inspiration.

Have a wonder-full week Jillayne!


Wendy said...

sorry to hear you've been ill. The work looks really interesting, i'm looking forward to seeing some more!

Marj Talbot said...

Can't wait to see the embroidery. The colours from the rock will be very nice - I love gold/black. So glad you found it. Hope your cold is winding down. Nice free motion stitching too.

KW said...

Envious of your free motion abilities........beautiful........I love following how your work comes together....

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...
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oldgreymare said...

Bozzy's rock - love it

I'm guessing if you hand washed the piece, with gentle rubbing the holes would be minimized..Try a small portion maybe? It used to work for me when I did hand embroidery..

Mosaic Magpie said...

What neat rock you found! I love it when you find unexpected treasures, like Bozzy's rock. The ledger work is really interesting.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jillayne, So great to see you.
I love your ledger and the details you are designing. The class must be wonderful!!!It is really an interesting art form and you do such gorgeous work.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Sounds like a nice dinner for all.
I love the rock you found. What a beautiful remembrance for you to see everyday.

Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment. I just started a giveaway tonight if you care to enter.

Have a great rest of the week and happy creating.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Createology said...

Jillayne Dear I have been thinking of you a lot and am so glad to see you are able to spend time being creative. Your embroidery ledger is fantastic with the Autumn colors in paint, pencil and threads. Whatever you do with your tissue collages and free motion stitching will be amazing. I love the hearts! Bozzy will always be your special love and this beautiful rock of many colors is a treasured keepsake. I believe it was meant to be found just at that exact timing. I am still reading The Emperor and it is fascinating me. Thank you for posting about this book. Happy Thanksgiving sounds like it was Happy Family time. Loving Hugs my dear friend...

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Your inspiration paper is wonderful Jillayne - I´m sure it´ll be even more wonderful with the embroidery added.
oh yes - time is always an issue.
I signed up for the ROD class over at Mary Anns - I´m half way through the videos and haven´t started on anything yet- only watched so far. time....

Hope you´re doing fine and that the cold is gone for good.
Have a beautiful day

Suztats said...

Love what you are creating with your ledger and your tissue paper FME! How wonder-full that you discovered Bozzy's rock, and the inspiration it brings. I look forward t seeing more.