Tuesday, October 16, 2012

playing with paint and paper

as well as glue and thread and cheesecloth!

i had a little time this afternoon so i puttered away at my embroiderer's ledger

i have one thing left to finish for week one and then i'm ready for week two
(the group is on week four - just so you know!)


i did skip ahead though and played with the tissue collage, and last weekend i fiddled with it some more

my inspiration image has a fine grid for the background - like a loosely woven cloth
 and i wondered what happen if i sandwiched cheesecloth between the layers of tissue

magic happened, that's what

above you see the back view, which is one solid piece of tissue

below you see the front, where the tissue has been collaged in pieces

 nubby, rough texture!

the left side is cut with deckle-edged scissors and the right is as it was formed during the collage process

and below is a piece with random free-motion stitching that forms a trellis shape
perfect for something with a rose motif

 love this!

 i stitched along one edge over and over and over to "perforate" it and then tore along it - the cheesecloth made it a little tough and some trimming of thread was needed but it worked just fine

 above is the front and below is the back

for this one i stitched trailing vines with little rosebuds here and there

i think i like the back side best as it is slightly raised and makes it even more textural

 and then it was onto paint and paper
which i do not like as well, mostly because i am not good at painting

once i get going i like it fine, and practice makes a world of difference but it's still a challenge for me

so i used a little of my calligraphy strokes for some this and think i might be on to something with that

 raggedy rosebuds with a pink petal which actually looks like a pink blob but is meant to resemble a rose petal
(have you ever noticed how they are like funny hearts?)
i was trying to capture the raggedness of the rosebuds on the inspiration piece but mine look rather a mess
lost in translation....

playing with the scrolling designs and fiddling with the heart again
this time i drew one side, from centre around and down
flipped the page around and did the same stroke again, slightly offsetting it

not sure about that either but it may have merit

 random ideas on the page

 the design has several of these three leaf clusters

 i enjoyed shading it with the paint and will go back in with thread and more detail

 above is a sketch of the "cheeseclothy" background 

and more leaves, more swirls

the image i selected wasn't a particularly great one to have chosen
shapes and design in it are subtle rather than obvious and i have to look at it very analytically 

but then i remembered something an embroidery teacher of mine told me once

"it's when you're really struggling, when you're having to think very hard, and it's getting completely frustrating, that's when you learn the most..."

i think of those words every time i want to throw in the towel on something and then i'm ready to keep on

but i still really wish i hadn't painted this rosebud so close to that pink blob-petal!



Createology said...

This is fabulous progress in your journal. I so admire your "just doing it" attitude. Your cheesecloth and tissue collage with stitching is amazing. So much texture and design all in each delicious piece. Love how you are experimenting. I would like to say to your inner critic...shush! You are doing a fabulous project of creativity my dear...

Suztats said...

Oooh, I really really like your cheesecloth piece! I'm thinking it would be a great surface for stitching and creating cards, or painting to make cards, too.
Your rose has turned out quite well, I think, and will make a wonderful entry in your journal.
Hmmm, could you turn that pink petal into one or more leaves?

Marj Talbot said...

I too love your attitude in "just do it" - it's wonderful. The roses are great and I love the swirls - wish I could do even a bit of that. You are so talented. Your journal is a great project for sure. The collage is a true expression of ideas and possibilities. This is all so interesting - thanks for sharing.

KW said...

Can't wait to see the three leaf clusters evolve, I love the shading.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

That tissue paper creation is perfect Jillayne. Love the texture. How clever you are. I absolutely love it. How cool it would be to use in journals.

Laura said...

Well look at you go! I think the 3 leaf cluster is pretty... you just need some more practice :) Soon there will snow on the ground and you'll have no choice but to sit inside and paint!

karen said...


Mosaic Magpie said...

Wow that tissue and cheesecloth combo! Really great texture. I am thinking about what the embroidery teacher said to you....I find when I struggle with a project and get frustrated with it....it is time for me to step back. Somehow, I am trying to make something the project does not want to be. Having said that, maybe I have missed many opportunities to learn.
Maybe I was on the verge of a break through and stepped back to soon. Thanks for the food for thought. I almost always leave your blog posts thinking about what I have read. That my dear, is the sign of a good blogger.