Friday, October 19, 2012

'ere's wot...

was watching a little of My Fair Lady on You Tube and lovin' that kind of talk

so i thought i would start this post with it
makes me 'appy, it does

this little star makes me 'appy too

 last year, when i made these for some of you - that made me 'appy too

and got me to thinking

i'd like to do something again

 something to do with books and binding

so 'ere it is...

i got a notion about making a christmas book
and thought i would call out to you
to send me a card, if you would be so kind

a christmas card
and then i could incorporate all i receive into signatures and make myself a christmas book

it would be stunning
and special

christmas cards from you to me, mixed up with all sorts of other papers and plasters and tissue collage

wouldn't i be a lucky duck?

and it could have knots and laces and button chains

and then it seemed selfish.... all that wonderfullness - and only for me?

so 'ere's wot....

i'm not sure how many books I could make before i go mental
but i'm betting it's more than you think

so i am wondering if there are some of you willing to send me 6 christmas cards
i could mix them up and put some in books for everyone

i won't get them done before christmas 'cause i've lots going on already
but january is free and clear and by march they would be in the mail
so you would have them well in time for next christmas

the cards can be handmade or storebought but keep in mind they have to go in a book so need to be "flat"

as i have no idea of what response this could get i'll just ask you to comment with a "yes" if you're interested

and in a week i'll see how many there are and figure it out from there
 maybe draw names or something, we'll see...

(the books will be small so don't fret over how many there might be - just please put your name in if you're interested - honest, i'm not crazy, and think how good i'll be at book-binding if i have lots to make!)

so there you 'ave it...

that's wot!



Karen B. said...

Dear Jillayne,

I would love to send you a Christmas card.

Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Stacie said...

Oh this sounds like fun and how sweet of you to offer to make the books too! I'd love to send you a Christmas card :)

lynn said...

i would love to make you some christmas cards...what a lovely idea :)
have a great weekend

Wendy said...

Such a lovely idea. I was lucky enough to get one of your handmade stars, so I don't need a book, but I'd be more than happy to make you a card.

Mary Walden said...

I have just started following you by email and love your blog and would love to send you cards--It would be great to get a book back-Even more fun if you could mix up the cards from everyone and so the book would be a link to 6 other people. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Marj Talbot said...

I 'ave the star where I see it each day - love it.
A Christmas card in October? I'd be delighted to send you one.

Marj Talbot said...

After re=reading your post, I should have said I'd send 6 cards not just one. My mistake. A fun project - challenging!!

Bead and Needle said...

I will VERY gladly send a Christmas card your way, silly girl! You need not send anything back - I have my favorite Wishing Star from your hand...make something wonderful for yourself! Happy Saturday, Jillayne - XOXO Tanya

Bead and Needle said...

And, I will gladly send you SIX just don't need to enter my name in the drawing - let another lucky girl win! Love to you - ME

The French Bear said...

I love my star!!!! I would love to send you some cards.....what about Christmas paper, I have some large scraps.....

Diane Kelsey said...

I look at my star all the time and love to remind myself of my chosen word. So it is only fair that I join in with your new adventure. I bought a journal and some different papers yesterday to start a Christmas book, but mine is to be used as a planner and recipe book. The theme is brown paper with Scandinavian decorations.

Cheryl said...

I am also one of the lucky owners of a star so would be very happy to send you some cards. I am unable to make any at the moment, but have a couple left from last years makings, I will get them sent!

Kim Budash said...

I would LOVE to do this, so please include me in as a "yes" and I'll await hearing from you as to if I'm in or not, the specifications, etc. Thanks, this is going to be great.

FredaB said...

This sounds wonderful. Just let me know if I am one of the lucky ones and how many cards you need.


Suztats said...

Oh, what fun! This is a wonderful idea! I'd love to be signed up for this, Jillayne!
My wishing star is a happy reminder to always keep my secret word in mind. I do love it!

Createology said...

YES! I will be very happy to send along a Christmas Card for your book my friend. As much as I would love to send 6 and be part of your beautiful books giveaway...I shall decline as I have been far more fortunate to have spent time with you and learning from you. Thank you my dear. This is a wonderful idea forever! Your little stars are precious and I was just caressing mine yesterday. Bliss...

Mosaic Magpie said...

I would love to take part in this fun thing! I will be happy to send cards your way, maybe you can squeeze them in some of the books. My only request is I want nothing in return....your friendship is a treasure to me.