Monday, August 6, 2012


i was reading a blog post the other day (sorry, can't remember where now) where mention was made about a book about choices and how we choose

 just the kind of thing that always gets my attention;
i love wondering about who we are and why we do what we do

and in all of that i realized i have been making a bad choice of my own lately,
without truly understanding it was a choice

i've been choosing to be dull and dispirited

i thought i was explaining why i had neither been posting here, or visiting your blogs
and i think i really just sounded whiny

when i would really rather be bright and sparkly
and have shiny bits of brightness and light in my thoughts and in my smile that show i understand each day is a treasure


all these bright, sparkly bits, beads and baubles might be sitting on a background of delicate net, but they give a strength to the fabric that it wouldn't have otherwise

solid and substantial 

and so as soon as i posted that perhaps "rest" might be a good word for august, i realized there was a word much better...


such a good word, in so many ways
 i'm excited to explore it, play with it, embrace it and be it

 you remember this one

 and this one

 and this is the beginning of "simple"
which is even too simple for me right now!

this month's work will be a wonderful journey into a world of glitter and delight
of bright and shiny
pretty and sparkly

 for both me and my heart!



Createology said...

Hello Jillayne Dear...I was thinking of you earlier today and here you are! I can honestly say you are not dull or dispirited or whiny. You are merely over-worked for others. Sparkly is a wonderful word and feeling. Glitter will definitely help you be sparkly. I shall softly poof you some glitter through the blogsphere right now! I have lots of glitter in all colors. Sparkly Summer Smiles to you dear...

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Jillayne:
I agree with Sherry. There's nothing dull or plain about you! Sparkly suits you just fine. I always love stopping by to see your handwork and I can't wait to see how your "sparkle" manifests itself this month. I bet it will be gorgeous!
Sending hugs across the miles, my friend.

Suztats said...

Your posts often make me stop and ponder, and examine my own outlook and attitudes. Thank you. I think most everyone could do with a little more lightness and shiny brightness in their day, even if it's just a smile unexpected, which begets another, and another........
Looking forward to more glitter and sparkle and bl!ng!!

FlowerLady said...

A lovely post that makes one think. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sparkle can do much for our lives, especially when we are in a funk.

I love the pieces you are working on.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Monica said...

Perfection!! Sparkle dear one, sparkle...

Dorthe said...

Hi my sweet Jillayne,
Dear, I did not hear you whine or see you dull - only a bit tired and worn out. So just go on taking care!
I,- as you know :-) LOVE sparkly, so this word for you in August will be perfect seen with my eyes: the beautiful glittering pieces and pearls will make you and this month feel beautiful and merry, and yes sparkly.-Can`ty wait to see your heart, dear friend.
Hugs, Dorthe

Alisa Noble said...

Sparkle away, Girl!!

karen said...

well thinking bright ans shiny will encourage bright and shiny!! Go for it and good luck!

Laura said...

My favorite words right now:

"Feelings are much like waves; we can't stop them from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf."

I made it the screensaver on my phone so I have no choice but to see it 37,000 times a day.