Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mama Let Them Play

been a while since i posted...
  i thought i would do better... sunny, summer, busy days


let them play...

my mother was right all along - usually is, so i really should know better by now

to this day i can hear her say "you kids go out and play"
i can hear the inflection, the tone, the sound of her voice - can see her, right there, hands busy with something, calling to us over her shoulder while she got yet another chore done

i wonder how many times she said that while i was young...

this month, july, i am getting back to playing

and bozzy decided to join me - much to his delight 
(he looks delighted, doesn't he?)


we had dear friends to dinner on the 4th and as she is american we thought we would surprise her with a 4th of july american-style dinner
(yup, he's on the table but i wanted the flag in the background and he has only so much patience for being decorated and photographed - kind of like me!)

found this gorgeous fabric to play with....it will be a bag for sure and a tablerunner for maybe... not sure what else yet, but i do love the visual texture of the black lines

saturday we took mom & harold up in the mountains to sun peaks ski resort to see the sights and take in the quilt show
while mother and i ducked in to the fudge shop, the boys found this...

over-sized chairs are just too hard to resist!

i found some of these lovely japanese fabrics, perfect for backgrounds, at one boutique at the quilt show

 and a pack of light backgrounds in old-fashioned prints at the other - two of them have bee motifs on them and will be so much fun to play with

 some of the most fun i've had so far this month was playing with paper

my journal is all put together now and ready for me to play with words in it

i love the picture above but can you imagine playing in those clothes- give that girl some freedom!

a pretty page

i think the one above is my favourite in the whole book

some of the most fun i've had here in salmon arm is with my friend Glenda, parked at the counter of our favourite bistro, watching people parallel park on our narrow one-way street

talk about the u-smile cafe!

play - the freedom to move

 between you and me

yes mama, i hear you...

play is my word for july!


Marj Talbot said...

Oh but it's too hot to go out to play!!! I'll play in my cool basement in an attempt to complete a wall quilt.
Those fabrics are so nice. It's difficult to find them in my world.
Good to see Bos getting into the fun. I can't wait to see the bag/runner you will make with that gorgeous flowered fabric. I agree the black lines add lots of visual texture. Love your journals, the owls are too cute, Thanks for sharing such a fun blog.

dianehobbit said...

Love your journal. Play is definetly the word for this month. I have also been playing in my work room, and have had so much fun. Carry on having fun!

Suztats said...

Hope you have lots of fun playing in your studio.

Alisa Noble said...

Ohmygosh... that cat! Too funny!!!
LOVING your book. And the two fabric packs are too shabby either.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jillayne,

Those words sounded familiar to me as a little girl too, go outside and play.
I love your sweet cat, getting into the spirit with his red, white and blue.
Love the fabrics you bought - the Japanese and the bee fabric is beautiful.

Enjoy the week

Createology said...

Yay for Play! Play is a great word and you are playing so well. Bozzy has that purrfect cat look...the one that says it all! Fabulous fabrics you acquired-especially the floral with black lines. Your book is very classy for Remains of the Day. Summer of Play my dear...

Becca said...

That owl is adorable! Love the shot of your kitty too!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Your cross-eyed owl is very cute...he probably sees 2 of everything! Bozzy is not very happy to be at the dinner table with those ears drawn back! I am surprised he sat there long enough for you to snap a photo! Love the fabrics you found...did you get a chance to play in the fudge store???
Play is a great word!
Brings all kinds of fun things to mind...you are right those dresses those girls are wearing...ugh! Give me some stretch pants anyday!

Laura said...

The owls are ADORABLE!! That quilt is going to be a huge hit, if it hasn't been already!

Marj Talbot said...

I forgot to mention - 17 new fabrics - must be more in than out this month. ha ha
They are very nice.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

I just spent a delightful day on Saturday "playing" with a few other ladies dyeing and painting on fabric. It was so much fun!! Your owl looks terrific :)

gift baskets Surrey said...

That cat setting on top of the table is cute. Looks like he is getting ready for the dinner.