Monday, May 21, 2012

A Whole Year

  sometimes you just have to wait...

ideas can't be forced
creativity finds it's own way

I feel as though I've sitting around for the past few weeks drumming my fingers, waiting, waiting on something

 as I was working on a project for work I berated myself for not doing much with my monthly words

oh, they tumble around in my mind often enough, but the thoughts associated are completely random, and while every so often they will coalesce into something meaningful, most often it's just a jumble of words

today I took matters into my own two hands and got busy with an idea

knowing how much I love hearts, I decided I would make a sampler of my monthly words,
one square for each word, making each square the same size, and incorporating a heart into every one

I found four different fabrics for the background: silk, linen, cotton and one mystery one (mystery to me that is - I think it's cotton but not sure - and I like the idea that I don't know)
and cut three six inch squares from each

I thought perhaps I should be disciplined and begin at the beginning with
January and "hush"
it wasn't what I felt like though - we're in May and May is "snippets"

so snippets it was

snippets of lace, ribbon, damask, silk and cotton
a random button, bead and brad

french knots and cross stitches hold everything in place

I have yet to add the word - haven't quite figured out how I want to do that - it'll keep though, until the right idea comes to roost and takes hold

 and I know that if I hush the voices in my head, am prudent with my ideas, savour the process of creating a wonderful record of my monthly admonishments, organize my supplies so I can find that exactly-perfect-thing-that-will-make-the-whole-project-amazing, 
and make use of all the snippets of time available, 
at the end of the year I will have a beautiful reminder of


oh, and pick really, really good words for the next seven months!


Createology said...

Jillayne dear I adore you heart of "snippets" Each little piece represents so much and how we process it all. Your post speaks so well of how creativity just cannot be rushed or forced. Snippets of love...

Bead and Needle said...

LOVE THIS - TRULY! The color is perfect, too - yeah, you ROCK! XOXO

KW said...

Love the word "snippets".......sometimes they are everything and sometimes they are not enough........

Suztats said...

A great idea! And when the year is finished, will you have a heart wall hanging?

Alisa Noble said...


The French Bear said...

Jillayne, the heart is gorgeous! It does prove that good things are worth the wait!....I love it...and it is so you.

Marj Talbot said...

At the end of the year will they all come together? Heart of hearts. Now there's an idea.
Very nice.

lynn said...

what a beautiful heart you made.. of little bits of thoughts.. or feelings.. i like it.. and also im a heart person too.. :)
thank you for sharing and i love seeing all the beauty you create
big ladybug hugs

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

It´s beautiful Jillayne - love the colors you have used. Have fun with you snippets ;-)

Dorthe said...

Hello my dear,
Wonderful to see you again ,here-
and your new project of lovely snippets in the shape of a heart ,and in the sweetest colours of blue and cream, is going to be a fantastic piece of love and heartfelt words.
A beautiful start Jillayne.
Hugs ,dear friend

FredaB said...

the snippets idea for the heart is brilliant. It may take some thinking but you always win out in the end.

Gorgeous heart.



Michelle May said...

It's fantastic. All beautiful and good things come to those who wait, learn and listen to their hearts.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jillayne,

I love your sweet snippets heart.
I know at the end of the year you will have created, some beautiful works.
Things of beauty do often take so much time.

Happy Thursday