Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's Up?

so what's happening in your yard?


 mine's been full of spring loveliness
cherry blossoms
peony buds
weeds 'n' things

it looks like we're in a for a bumper crop of cherries again this year
 we have two cherry trees: a sweet one and a tart one
the sweet one usually gets worms (we don't spray)
but the tart one never does... go figure...

the branches get mighty high and can be hard to reach, even with our big ladder
I'm not afraid of heights but I am of falling

does that even make sense?

anyway, a couple of years ago I got myself a bright idea
as I stood on the top of the ladder, looking at some laden branches, just out reach

the tree needed pruning...
I wanted those cherries...

so, I cut off the branch,
carefully carried it down...

and parked myself on the bench, branch on my lap, and picked the cherries off at my leisure
in comfort

the neighbours didn't quite know what to make of it...

it gave "cherry-picking" a whole new meaning!

and in a random way, I was rooting around in some of my needlework today and found this

it's a sampler by Shepherd's Bush
yet to be framed

I love the verse though... so true for all of us, don't you think?
a simple thread connects us all
and brings us such joy

have I ever told you how much I love needles and thread?


Michelle May said...

Now that is a whole new meaning to cherry picking! Too funny!
I love that verse and I'm right there with ya sister. Needle and thread make me so happy.
Hugs and happy weekend.

Diane said...

You're too funny! Where there's a will, there's a way. Thanks for the giggles.

Love the sampler, Jillayne. I used to sell Shepherd's Bush charts in our shop. They were popular. I have a couple framed ones packed away somewhere. When I saw yours, it made me want to get my linen out because I have some charts that I kept when I sold the shop and never stitched them. It would be a relaxing summer pastime...if I HAD time. Am so busy painting and it's flowing so I'm going with it!

Enjoy your blossoms!

XO Diane

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

My peonies are now finished blooming and no longer good for a bouquet. Everything here is about 2-3 weeks ahead of normal blooming. That is a wonderful sampler and I really agree that is a perfect verse. We are connected by simple threads. Enjoy your weekend Jillayne!

Laura said...

So many of my memories from being little are of you stitching (and teaching me to stitch... those little baskets!)

I know I've told you this 800 times already but I cannot WAIT for cherry jam :)

KW said...

I love the favorite season........time of rebirth for all of us!

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Jillayne,
This is the most beautiful summer photoes, -I love the sherry and abble trees when blossoming, they are like big white skyes, and so very lovely. You are funny and lovely, too :-) that`s a fantatsic way of picking fruit tehehe.
Your sampler is also a beautiful piece of stitching , the colours are wonderful, and your stitching so very fine and accurate.
I just checked my postage bill, and can see your "letter" was delivered here 11-5 ... I hope you will soon have it, my friend.
Happy week-end,- and HUGS.

Createology said...

Lovely photos of your blossoming cherry trees. I have such a visual of you cutting off the branch and bringing it down to sit and pick cherries. I agree with the the sweet and leave the tart cherries. Your sampler stitching is beautiful. Safe weekend dear...

Suztats said...

I can almost smell the aroma of the cherry blossoms.........isn't it wonderful the beauty we can find in our own gardens? Time disappears when I am among the plants....I feel there a reverence for life and its interconnectedness I feel nowhere else.....
May you enjoy the blossoms, and their fruit!

Mosaic Magpie said...

What's Up here? The temperature! mid 90's. The cherry blossoms are beautiful. Good for you to invent a new way of picking that fruit. You probably helped the tree as well by giving it a good prune!

Marj Talbot said...

Great way to pick cherries for sure.
That's a very nice sampler and should for sure be frames and hanging on a wall. I think that stitching is your second name. Great to have a hobby that you love so much. Keep up the great work and thanks tons and tons for sharing.

Maggie said...