Thursday, April 19, 2012

Angel Wings and Pretty Things

So a bird pooping on you is good luck huh?
I would never have thought...

but then, this arrived in the mail


along with a bigger pair and some other goodies
all from my friend Shell at The Raspberry Rabbits

I've never done anything with wings
but my mind is already whirring
they are so fantastically gorgeous, I want whatever I do to be special

she also added in some lace

the middle one reminds me of pom poms but they aren't free-floating, they're attached
and other beautiful trims
I am in my glory

and below you can see what I did with the cigar box I found on the fateful day

I had all sorts of manila tags I had tea and coffee dyed  long ago
so I spent an hour or two wrapping all manner of ribbons and lace and trims
now I can flip through the rows and easily find what I'm looking for

slowly, slowly I am organizing my things in a manner that not only pleases me visually, but also works in a very practical way

and that's my word for April
it's a working word, not lofty, not lyrical, nothing you would write poetry about

but it's a thing I need to focus on


Marj Talbot said...

Something good comes from everything as the saying goes. Angel wings indeed - and what better than a nice bit of lace. I'm sure you'll make something gorgeous and ah maybe Christmasy???
I like your idea of organizing laces and ribbons and will take a lesson and organize my own.
Thanks for sharing this tip.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Your cigar box looks wonderful with all your lace and ribbons inside. Great idea.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Jillayne
Amazing wings! I'm really looking foreward to seeing your creations from these!
Your cigar box looks fantastic filled with your cards of ribbons and trims.
It makes creating so very much easier when you have all the necessary items close and so accessible. I must admit am a lot like you!
Have a restful weekend.

karen said...

your little box looks lovely and you have some beautiful lace...

dianehobbit said...

Lovely lace! A great word which I m sure alll stitchers need to do more of. How lovely to have all your sewing notions organised so that you can easily find the right item for each project.

Suztats said...

I wonder just what you'll do with your wings?
I do like your word of the month, Jillayne, as I like things to be organized, and then I fine-tune......
tho I must confess my laces are tossed into a box all willy nilly....( so are my fibers, and trims.. :-0 shame on me! Happy weekend.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

lovely wings...and lace....i am sure you will create something ethereally beautiful with them.....happy week-end jillayne!

Createology said...

Oh those angel wings are dreamy. Whispy and white and very ethereal. Shell was very thoughtful to send those and such pretty laces to you. I adore how you are wrapping them on your stained tags and putting them in your wonderful wooden cigar box. Everything will be right at your ready for creating. Wonderful Weekend Dear...

Lynn Stevens said...

I have no doubt that whatever you do with the wings will be magical.
Such a pretty way to keep those laces organized!
Have a beautiful weekend.
hugs Lynn

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Good Morning Jillayne. I love the use of the tags and cigar box for organizing your trims. Great idea! I have a collection of cigar boxes, all sizes, from a friend whose husband indulges. I think I just may copy your idea ;o)

Can't wait to see what you create with those lovely wings. Have a fabulous weekend.

Laura said...

Very slowly and surely, you're getting better. I can't wait to see your sewing room in 5 years time!

Dorthe said...

Such beautiful wings, my dear -wings to an angel ! I know you will find out something special and beautiful with your new lovelies, dearGillayne.
The way you used your wonderful tags looks great and very sweet. I think I could not use them,but only have joy looking at them :-)
Happy sunday, my friend.

Becky Shander said...

I bet you create something wonderful with your new wings...enjoy!

Michelle May said...

I like that word "organize" way to much! I can't do a darn thing until I'm organized. It's a curse I tell ya!
A bird pooping on you is good luck? Well now I know why I'm so lucky! Happened to me so many times! Feel like I have a target on my head!
You'll do something marvelous with those wings cause you're such an angel disguised as my friend. :)

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Jillayne,

Love the sweet wings and lace Shell gave you - isn't she the sweetest!
Also what a great use of the cigar box, love the pretty laces and makes for a gorgeous display.

Happy week