Thursday, March 29, 2012


A week ago, this is what I woke up to....

pretty, but not what you're wanting on the first day of Spring


lots of ice still on the lake and the feeling it just wasn't going to warm up at all
 I didn't even mind that I had to go to work that day....

my creative dry spell is still somewhat upon me so I have been puttering away at special orders

this mauve and taupe heart is one of them
I never mind making these
little bits of fabric and little bits of thread
not a lot of time, and something pretty at the end of it
I think this is my new favourite colour combination - I love taupe and smoky purple together, with a splash of fresh ivory

 old buttons and old ribbon just add to the charm

and I finally did something with that gathered lace
the simplest thing really...
heavy cotton canvas cut in a heart shape 
a smaller heart traced inside and the lace tacked along the lines

I didn't even turn the edges under or anything
I just have to add a hanger and it's done

I've been thinking a lot lately about creativity and what it means to me.

I've spent years, decades really, making things, trying new crafts and learning new skills and then either selling or giving away those creations. Sometimes I would make things for myself but at the end of it, decide I really didn't want it after all... it was the joy of creating it that I wanted, not the thing itself. And it was easy to let them go...

and I have learned that it isn't so much a collection of things I want, 
but the joy of learning how to do them

one thing I always wanted to do was make little books, write stories in them and do the illustrations - little story books for my kids

I always liked writing, learned how to make books many years ago, but the illustrating part stumped me   
I have no gift with a pencil

two weeks ago I got really tired of that so I signed up for Christy and Junelle's Art of Wild Abandonment class and I now have my very own sketchbook

The other night, sitting at the table, sketching radishes and cupcakes and so on, I had the most fun I have had in a very long time. As I was playing with the cupcake sketches, ideas started flowing - not from my brain to the pencil, but backward, from the paper to my head

I started seeing fabric cupcakes, fusible web and fabric knots 
(seems I'm not done with those things yet!)
and I felt as though the weight was lifting and I could breathe lightly again

and it was finally Spring


Marj Talbot said...

There is the saying - it's not the having, it's the wanting. I guess that's where you are with creating. You get more joy out of making things, selling or giving them away, rather than having them stored away in a closet or drawer.
Along the way, you share your creations for which I for one am thankfull.
Love the heart!!

Createology said...

How wonderful to know you are feeling inspired with your creative talents. Your hearts both detailed and simple are beautiful. The creative process is always a wonderment to me...from your pencil to your brain and beyond. May you feel the energy and joy forever. I am blessed for your friendship and I thank you. Creative Blissful Hugs Dear...

lynn said...

sure love your creativity.. and hearts are my favorite also.. my engagement diamond is a heart :)
and yes... guess we in the cooler climates have to be patient with spring.. i thought it was here.. and our temps are in the 20s tonite .. so... guess we have to keep our hearts warm with good thoughts..
sounds like you have a good outlook and your book making sounds like a great idea... go for it.. and much success and happiness to you
again.. i treasure my blessed star.
big ladybug hugs

Dorthe said...

Dearest Jillayne,
Looking at your beautiful hearts , and the patchwork one especially, I`m seing so much love in what you create, happines and joy ,too- they are both so very beautiful, and made with loving hands, as of a love for the materials, and the stitching, ending up in your stunning hearts.
And that goes for all you are doing ,dear friend-
I hope and think you will never feel finished with that part of your creative life, even you explore new "coasts" as well.
Glad you feel light and happy again- and hope your spring will soon be there--we are to have snow here in the week-end :-(
Hugs from me.

Robin said...

Your hearts are beautiful, as are all your creations, Jillayne. I'm glad you are enjoying your class and that ideas are flowing....sounds like creativity is not going to be far behind! Have a wonderful weekend.


MosaicMagpie said...

Egads! Keep that snow up there PLEASE!! We have had such lovely weather, I won't be ready for more snow until next winter. I love the Friend Heart, just simply elegant. I know what you mean about the joy that comes from creating and especially the joy of creating for others. There is something so special about making a project for the first time. I had a basketmaking friend that told me "You always keep the first one you make." In her mind it was to look back on years and many baskets later to see how your skills had improved.
In my way of thinking my house would be full of firsts as I enjoy making and learning new things. Much better to share those firsts with others. It is Joy x 2! We get the joy of creating and they get the joy of receiving a gift.

Laura said...

Fabric cupcakes? Now this I gotta see...

Bead and Needle said...

I believe we might just be sisters...your thoughts on creating are mine to a T...PROBABLY why I have very few of the pieces I create - it's simply the thrill of creating, learning, and keeping my hands busy! And, GOOD FOR YOU on the drawing class - I KNOW you'll excel there, too!

Happy Spring, right back atcha'...sounds like you're off to a hell of a grand start!!!!!