Friday, September 16, 2011

Seeing Stars

I can't believe how far between my posts have gotten to be - work really does cut into a person's day!

And it has been a busy summer on the work front.... since getting home from my trip way back in mid-June I have only had two weeks where I did not work a full five days, and a few where I worked six! 

One more to go and then I am back to working "jobette" hours and you'll see me posting again about all my doings in the sewing room.
In the meanwhile, in the evenings, when I am too tired for most anything else, I have been making these....

fourty little stars for my Sale invitations!

now all I have to do is finish coffee-dying and stamping the tags

They look so cute all jumbled together, and now I am thinking I will make some for the little tree...tiny stitched ornaments with a heartfelt sentiment on the back - things you might wish on a star for.

Love, Peace, Joy, etc. are the obvious ones, but what would you want on your Wishing Star?

If you're a Follower of my blog and care to leave me a comment, give me your word and when the craziness settles I'll make a star for each of you and send it to you by Christmas.

Have a lovely weekend! 

PS:  Contrary to popular opinion in the comments I won't have to make a hundred as I don't really have that many Followers - so please, leave a word and let me share!


The English Romantic said...

Your little stars are so pretty and your tags are great, I bet you are looking forward to more sewing time. I go into withdrawal without some stitching.
'Hugs' is my word and hugs to you.

Wendy said...

Jillyanne, what an incredible offer! What if everyone wants one? You'll have to make hundreds!

Becca said...

Oh Jillayne, these little stars are so sweet! I love them and then as I was reading on I was so thrilled about your generous offer! I would cherish one of these for our tree this year. In the hope that we might get our wish to move to Seattle, I would love mine to say "rain."
Have a lovely weekend!

oldgreymare said...

No star needed girl, but i'll leave comment anyway. They're wonderful and your guests are bound to be inspired to spend spend spend! WOOT!

Anonymous said...

Oh, they're sweet, Jillayne. You always come up with the dearest little additions to your invitations.
Isn't it nice to have little "busy work" like this to do!

Hugs, Diane

Cheryl said...

I agree with Wendy, what if you end up with 100's of comments?? I think that is an incredible offer so kind and your little stars are beautiful, really sooo sweet. I love the word Contentment ~ or is that tooo long, surprise me, I love what you are doing!
Hugs Cheryl

Marj Talbot said...

I love "Family" to be on the star - but like your friend above - no star necessary. I shudder to think of how many you'd need to make. They are very cute.

Robin said...

Your stars are adorable Jillayne! Have a wonderful weekend.


Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne, this is a very beautiful and generous invitation for your sale- so lovely.
And ofcourse I would love to have a wish star for myself- but sweetie, if there are really many commenting here- I don`t want you to "break" your neck,-please remember that.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Laura said...

You have to promise not to start making them until AFTER your sale... or else.

I mean it, Lady.

Suztats said...

Hi Jillayne, I love your little stars! None for me, please, but I'll leave you with two words that are so appropriate: dream...and ...create for if we wish upon a star, first we must dream the wish, and then, perhaps, we might create it. Hugs

Createology said...

Dear Jillayne I am loving your little wish stars and how precious you have stitched them by hand. My word...blessed. I would hope you have no intention of making these until you are sitting after your sale with no pressure to produce. Love your tags with the stars. With working we have money to buy supplies...with no work we have time to use our supplies. It is a challenge to balance the two...Hugs to you dear.

The French Bear said...

These are soooo beautiful, I am so sorry to be away from all my friends in have so many wonderful posts to catch up on!!!
Margaret B

Becky Shander said...

Your stitched stars are delightful. And what do you think about the word, shine?

dianehobbit said...

Work really does have a habit of taking over our lives. Hopefully you can get back into your sewing room soon. Wonderful gift tags!

Lucille said...

Right now my word is home. I am missing home so very much and your stars are beautiful.

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Love your little stars Jillayne - so cute and such a great idea.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jillayne,

Your little wishing stars and tags are so beautiful.
You have been busy and good luck for your Sale.

Happy week

Bead and Needle said...

I wish upon your stars, for more time for you, and less "craziness"! The stars and tags are delightful, Jillayne...hope the rest of your week is, too! Tanya

Michelle May (Shell) said...

I just love those tags girlfriend. They are so beautiful.
Indeed, work takes up to much time from...well, other work! hee,hee,hee.
xx, shell

FredaB said...

Hi Jilayne

Just being able to read your lovely blog is star enough for me. I don't know how you do it all. The old saying "Give it to a busy person and they will get it done" sure applies to you.



lynn said...

what a lovely treat for your sale.. and such a generous offer to make these stars..
i hope you do well this weekend..
take time to enjoy yourself.
if there is a star left over . i would love one that said blessed :)
sending big ladybug hugs

Anonymous said...

Those are the sweetest, cutest stars I have ever seen! Too many fans, not enough time BUT...I would love to see one that says:
Home but I would want that on a heart sewn like the star! Hearts, stars...enough to fill a room!

FlowerLady said...

What a kind offer to your followers, and if you are not swamped, I would like one that says 'hope'.

Your work is lovely and always an inspiration.

Thank you ~ FlowerLady

luverlie said...

Oh, my! Such a generous offer. No need to send a star. Your's has shined so bright that I hope you don't mind if I use that light to make one for me and maybe a few for christmas. They might not be as nice as yours but will be handmade with love by me. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

MosaicMagpie said...

A wishing star is a perfect touch for your invites. If I were wishing for something it would have to live closer to you. I would love to be able to have you come over and play in my sewing room!