Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Giverny and the Tale of the Scarf Stalker

I haven't yet picked up a paintbrush on this trip - we haven't landed in one place long enough for creative pursuits, but I have certainly been inspired.

One of the highlights of this Tour de France of ours was a visit to Giverny, home of Claude Monet.

As we walked the street of this small village just north of Paris it was easy to see how he was inspired; the hills and trees and grasses are varying shades of green while the haze from the sun works it's magic, blending and softening until the separate become whole. The green is punctuated here and there with colour, sometimes soft, sometimes vivid and everywhere you look becomes a painting.

There were scores of people in line for tickets to tour his house and gardens so we took the road less traveled and found a shady cafe for our morning cafe grand creme, all the while taking in the surrounding charm. Everywhere you look there are flowers, and although it truly is that way everywhere in France, all the vistas here just seem to become a work of art.
a white gate, with the requisite rose bush climbing up one side

the cutest art gallery ever

another white gate, with red roses this time

poppies in the grass at the museum, in front of the hill Monet and others often painted

a cafe, ready for dejeuner

Walking the streets of the village, being where he had been, having cafe at the hotel he made famous in a painting, seeing the hills and gardens he saw were more than enough. I would very much have liked to see his garden but not when I am vying for a spot with literally hundreds of people, and besides, I had another mission...

Yes, I am the Scarf Stalker.

It went like this:

Sitting in the cafe, contentedly sipping my coffee while watching the world go by, when a couple came walking down the street. I say couple because I know there were two people and they were walking arm in arm but I have no idea if the second person was a he or a she - never looked at him at all.

She however, was lovely, dressed in white: trim white pants with a simple white t-shirt, lovely bag over her shoulder (no clue on the shoes), it was all a perfect foil for her scarf - ooh la la what a scarf! 

it was an Impressionist painting interpreted in fabric. Stunning.

I thought it was so perfect considering where we were and admired the freshness of it, popping off her white attire, loosely tied, just so.

A short time later, the same couple came strolling back and there was that scarf again, looking more perfect than before.
As I sat there wishing on a star that I had one just like it I realized there was a possibility that she had found it here, in Giverny, a village devoted to Impressionism.... the village had several little galleries and ateliers, but not too many... it wouldn't take long to peek in and see if by chance, they had scarves just like hers...

I never said a word about it but started peeking in here and there, quickly scanning for a display of soft materials...

A gift shop here, a boutique there...

Et voila!

It didn't take long and there it was, in the museum gift shop.

Now to find something white... I just need to find a cafe to park myself in and wait to see what I can see....


MosaicMagpie said...

As I read the post I kept thinking, " Oh no, Jillayne don't tackle her and rip the scarf from her neck!" I am glad you were able to control yourself and happy you were able to find your own scarf! What a fabulous town, you walked on the same streets as Monet!

Suztats said...

Ah, love the descriptions evoking pictures in my imagination! Truly written by an artist.
Thank you for taking me on a visit with you.

Createology said...

How wonderful to find your impressionism scarf. Now you have a wonderful remembrance of Giverny. Monet is one of my favorite artists. I would have passed on the throngs of people lined up also. Your day sounds just perfect. I feel like I am right there with you when I read your post. Safe travels...

Becca said...

Everything looks so magical Jillayne! I can't just imagine living somewhere like that and seeing eye candy everywhere you look. I would turn into a poor wanna be painter if I lived there! Beautiful!

Laura said...

I think a weakness for scarves is the one of the best traits I inherited from you... can't wait to see it in real life!

Exchange Hosting Service said...

They are beautiful

Dorthe said...

WOW sweetie, all the time I hoped you would find the scarve-and you did-- :)
I love the photoes from this sweet little cosy village- and I would love to see the city Monet lived in--I have been to Paris ,but never Giverny...it looks very beautiful-and kind of danish!
Big hug-Dorthe

Michelle May (Shell) said...

What a gorgeous place! I can only imagine how beautiful it was in person. So glad you found your scarf! It's beautiful!
xx, shell