Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Somethings Special

Vacations for me have never been of the tick-box variety. You know, the kind where people have an agenda, a list of things to see and when they get home they rattle them off like this, as if they were trophies:

The Louvre - yep saw the Mona Lisa  ✓

The Eiffel Tower - to the top  ✓

Tower Big Ben  ✓

Crown Jewels  ✓

5 countries in 7 days  ✓

and so on…

There's nothing wrong with that, if it's what you want, but it isn't for me. For sure there are some monuments and landmarks that I have seen and been so grateful for the chance.

I think what I look for more are experiences rather than sightings, but don't get me wrong - you'll never catch me bungee jumping into a gorge!
Nope, what I look for in a great vacation is much simpler:

Cafe Grande Creme on shore of the Mediterranean


and then walking along the beach with the beautiful clear water play around my feet, coupled with the pure joy of finding a stick of driftwood that is perfect for the arm of an elf

Driving a narrow twisty road as it winds it's way along the river, the stone guardrail covered in moss on one side and the rock wall on the other covered with ivy, while the trees from above and below provide a canopy of green

Opening the windows in and flinging the shutters wide as I look out into a courtyard filled with trees and flowers and stone cherubs

Seeing every colour of rose imaginable climbing the sides of buildings and fences and breathing in their heady scent as I walk by

These are some of my favourites so far!


Dorthe said...

Sweet Jillayne, your way of living your hollyday is the greatest ever- it is tasting-smelling-viewing- and feeling--feeling the special athsmosphere ,tasting the wine-the food-smelling the roses,all over-and viewing life around you ,wherever you are-
and ofcourse seing the Tour Eiffel- if being in Paris....
That`s for sure what defines a wonderful hollyday--
I can see you just have one of those :)
Smiles and hugs,Dorthe

MosaicMagpie said...

Oh I love that last photo! I can see that done in stitching. Such a beautiful tranquil place to visit!

dianehobbit said...

You look like you are in paradise! I read your daughters blog and it brought tears to my eyes. She has a wonderful friendship with her brother, memories and moments shared last a life time. You must be very proud of them both.

Createology said...

Jillayne you have just described the PERFECT vacation. No rushing, no must do list, no touristy stuff. Yes, relaxing and enjoying the experience is perfection. I completely agree and I love your comment about finding the perfect driftwood piece for the elf's arm. Loving your photos...

Marj Talbot said...

Truly one of the best. Looks like paradise. I just know that the wine was good there on the beach.
Breathe it all in - savour the moment = lest you forget.

Laura said...

That spot on the Mediterranean looks heavenly, though I'm surprised to see you chose coffee over something fun and fruity with rim sugar! Beautiful photos as always!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely serendipitous! Just as a vacation should be! Never knowing what is around the corner and being thrilled, delighted and filled with anticipation! I hear you! And it looks like that is just what is happening for you!
Hugs! Diane

Michelle May (Shell) said...

I did a zip line tour the other day and got stuck in the middle dangling 100' above ground until I was rescued. Hmmmm....I'm thinking I'm more like you and your adventures. yep...I am. ;)
xx, shell

Suztats said...

I think rushing around to view the sights means one may miss tasting the culture and essence of another place, hearing the language spoken, seeing the nuances of the everyday through another's eyes. How wonderful that you are taking the time to experience France.
Wonderful pics, Jillayne, and I'd love to be sitting in a cafe near the rose-covered cottage to sip a glass of local wine and absorb that heady perfume.