Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ma Mere

"A Soldier of the Great War"
"Known Only To God"

Mother's day is a day I always think of my Mother and of my children.
A special day filled with blessed memories and hopes for more.

And I am also thinking of mothers for whom this special day is filled with only memories.

The caption at the top is something carved in to far too many grave stones here in Belgium; these soldiers' deaths did not allow for a proper burial.
But of course, there were many more that did.

These men blessed their mothers with their deeds.

Today we visited our first cemetery in Belgium and there will be many more in the days to come.

And today I am thinking of what it means to be a mother. 
We think of our children as our gift to the world, believing in their ability to contribute to it being a better place.
And as a mother's child, I am thinking of how all of us at some time or another have wished to make our mother proud.

There was much sorrow in my heart today as we visited this place, but there was far, far more pride.

And no one has ever been prouder of their children than my Mother...
Happy Mother's Day Mom!


Becca said...

Happy Mother's Day Jillayne! Hope you are having a wonderful time. :-)

Suztats said...

So often your posts make me stop and think! Thank you for today's reflection, and your insight. Happy Mother's Day to you, Jillayne.

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne-
so many tragic experiences for so many people, -the ones whom lost their lives-and the ones whom lost their sons-
oh dear- it surely makes us think and feel sad-thankyou for your alwayes thoughtful bloggings-you are a lovely person, and friend.
I hope your mothers day,is beautiful,dear.

Bead and Needle said...

Happy Mother's Day, safe - I'm going to love following your travels. Beautiful pictures of the tombstones. Tanya

Laura said...

Happy Mother's Day Mum! Love and hugs from me and Steve!! XO

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Happy Mother's Day Jillayne!
xx, shell

MosaicMagpie said...

Great post!

Sandra Foster said...

Love your blog. Please do drop by for a visit sometime!

Marj Talbot said...

Hope your mom's day was filled with sunshine and fond memories.
Thanks for sharing as usual.
Travel safe - till we meet again.

Createology said...

Safe travels my dear. I missed this post as I am trying to get chores done while the days are longer which means less time sitting at my computer. Your Mother's Day post is beautiful. Make many memories...