Saturday, May 14, 2011

How Low Can You Go?

Blogger's acting up so my original post along this vein has disappeared and I can't remember exactly how it all went, but as it's an idea with merit, here's the repeat...

I love a good challenge and I love a good bottle of wine so here's the thing,

We are on a quest while on our own Tour de France to find the cheapest bottle of good wine.

Yesterday I blogged about one that cost 2.29 E and it was pretty darn good. There was another on the shelf that was only 1.35 E but after closer inspection today I realized it was actually a smaller bottle - hence the price difference... this is an accurate scientific experiment after all... and all protocols must be followed.

Today we found one for 2.01 E and it was great! Why the .01 I have no idea but you can never argue with mark-ups... A little sharp but wonderful with cheese and certainly well worth the price.

So the question is "When traveling in France,  how low will you go?"

We shall see.

This morning there was a Marche in the little parking lot next to our hotel - vegetables, fruit, olives, cheese, charcuterie (preserved meats) and clothes... I so badly wanted to take pictures but it was a small market and we were obviously not local and I didn't want to stand out more than we already did - I'll save the photo op for a larger market when I can be a little bit incognito... like Peter Sellers.

All I can say is, with all this fabulous food, where's a kitchen when you really want one!??!

I am having piles of trouble with Blogger and internet connections, have tried to leave comments and send emails all to no avail - so please be patient with me - as soon as I can get a reliable connection I will catch up with all of you!


Laura said...

I don't know... the fruit and veggies sound good but I don't know how long I'd survive in a country that doesn't eat peanut butter (or so I've heard)!

Createology said...

Your quest to find the very best in wine for the very least in price is an admirable quest. How fun to search and then try them all. The breads and cheeses are divine. Happy and Safe Travels...

MosaicMagpie said...

How wonderful to need only to look for a good bottle of wine, some sharp cheese and not stick out in the crowd. Glad you are enjoying yourself, we are enjoying the posts!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Wine, cheese and good conversations. Oh yeah, that's so fabulous!
xx, shell