Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Life of Art - Art Journey #1

Whether we realize it or not, many of us have a childhood that is strongly centred around art.

Finger paints, Plasticine, Play Dough, who didn't love breaking open a brand new box of Crayola crayons (I really want to buy some...), and then Spirograph, candle-making kits, rock polishing, wood burning, paint-by-numbers and on and on and on.

Made by my daughter in 1996

Those are just a few of the things my mother bought for us four kids; sometimes I wonder if it was more about fuelling our creativity, or keeping us occupied!!??!!

Regardless, she started something....

To this day I am intrigued by all sorts of creative pursuits; I don't want basket making for a hobby but I do want to know how to weave one, as with the making of soap, paper, candles and so much more... I want to know how to do so many things...

I remember in the summer after Grade 8, my best friend and I took all the money out of our bank accounts and we went to a hallowed place, Whitehorse Star Stationery, and we each bought all we needed to paint; her choice was acrylics and I was smitten with oils. 

I found a shirt my Great-Uncle had sent to my Dad as it was too big for him - brand new, miles too big for anyone really, it came down past my knees and was the perfect painting smock (I loved that shirt and really must find one of those too...)

I thought I was Van Gogh and she was Rembrandt and we painted. For me it was every bit as much about being a painter as it was about painting and we talked of colour, style, ideas lost in translation and at the end of the summer we put away our brushes and that was that...

In Grade 12 I took a course in Western Civilization; the study of art and architecture in Europe based on an understanding of the social, political and economic climate of the time. It was a mini series by the BBC and I must confess, the narrator put half the class to sleep - I doodled to stay awake...

In my adult life I have sunk myself into the needle arts, with a few little sidesteps - into water-colour painting and bookbinding...

A little envelope book for keeping all those pesky threads and buttons that come with new clothes!

Last night while checking out some of my favourite blogs I visited Becca's. We are somewhat alike, Becca and I, in our varied interests and her latest post showed images from a new on line art course she is taking. Her work is always fabulous and this painted piece is simply stunning. 
That word tugged at my heart. 
No, it yanked it. 
Nothing intrigues me as much as painting. 

But I have dodged it, avoided it, backed away and done my best to resist the lure - today I caved.

I need to try painting again and so at lunch I visited Salmon Arm's very own hallowed art store and bought a canvas. Then I came home and signed up too....

The artist is in!


oldgreymare said...

lol..already taking it!

parallel lives... : D


Bead and Needle said...

EXCELLENT! I absolutely LOVE any creative process and will give anything a "go". Good on ya' for joining in on the class...and I LOVE the idea of the envelope for buttons, etc. Have a creatively wonderful Thursday, Jillayne

Becca said...

Oh yes, I do know those feelings about painting! I am so glad you are taking this workshop with me! I can't wait to get started when I get home from my trip. Of course I love sewing, but like you, I have always been a girl that just wants to paint, but always felt intimidated. The funny thing is, a have a lot of supplies already that just sits there and waits for me to "try." Your water color works are pretty...I haven't even tried that. I look forward to seeing what you do. Don't you just love, love, love shopping at the art store?!!!

Becca said...

Me again! I wanted to add...Spirograph was one of my favorite past times as a kid. I had forgotten all about that, thank you for reminding me. Wish I still had it.

Suztats said...

Hey! It's about time, Jillayne! ;-)
So looking forward to seeing your paintings! Have fun in the class.

Marj Talbot said...

You go girl!! Can't wait to see your first painting. Good luck.
Painting is something I always wanted to do but thought I'd never have what it takes. Now in retirement I'm not sure I'd have the time either. lol

Wendy said...

I know exactly what you mean. I was always creative as a child, trying this and that and now I've rediscovered craft as an adult I'm doing a lot of dabbling, I want to try everything! Unfortunately, I can't draw so painting wont feature!
The laundrey book is inspired!

MosaicMagpie said...

My favorite was the big box of crayons with all those colors standing at attention waiting to be used. I am always interested in learning a new technique. It seems as though what you learn in one medium, can be used in another.
Have fun with the class and I can't wait to see what you create.