Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why Do We Bloggers Blog?

In the past two weeks, three bloggers I have always enjoyed have decided to quit. 
The reasons were similar for all three, spending more time in the real world, with the people in front of them. And so I've been thinking - again...

While I completely understand where they are coming from, this is part of my real world.
I can tell you about my latest, greatest idea... 

After all, I told you about my first one...

I shared my quirky side...

and my quirky pet...

I've shared holiday wishes...

and you've propped me up when I've been feeling down...

I post, you comment - give and take that makes us both happy...

And in the end, I thank you. 

For as much as I may have given you - you have given me more.

With extra special thanks to Diane, Dorthe, Marj, Lucille, Shell, Sherry, Maggie, Becca, Debbie, Deb, Susan, Mags, z, Celestina, Marie, Freda, Tina and Patti.

You lot have inspired me, both through your own blogs, and through our back-and-forth comments. I love that you take the time, and think enough of what I may have babbled about to tell me your thoughts.


Pat Winter said...

I agree with you. Blogging is my real world, or a part of it. I have met friends here that I would give my last piece of stash to, and that is pretty special coming from a crazy quilter :-)
I don't blog every day,it isn't necessary.Too bad some people feel it is and it overwhelms them. It is a nice place to go to share, vent and get inspired.

Laura said...

Of all of your posts that I've loved... I love this one the most.

I would love to give up this cleanse-blogging but I don't have no desire to give up blogging in general, even on a busy day. It's too much fun and much cheaper reading than books and magazines!!

Bead and Needle said...

I blog for much of the same reasons as you (and it keeps my folks in CO up to date on what I'm doing, too)...and it tickles me that I would SO own that pincushion you have up there! Happy Wednesday - Tanya

Marianne said...

I agree with Laura... blogs are so much more interesting than magazines.
It is sad when bloggers we love decide to stop blogging...but I do understand why.

Createology said...

Jillayne this is such a timely post. I too have noticed some of my favorite bloggers leaving us. I am saddened, however, I understand if that is how they feel. I love blogging and knowing I have found wonderful people (you!)whom I share so much in common. Yes, time can get away and no one but me is responsible for how I time manage so for me blogging continues...
Thank you for sharing this.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Jillayne:
I really appreciate this post. I completely agree with your "love list" of blogger friends. Many of them are also some of my sweet friends. They really lift us up, don't they? I'm so glad that I've been visiting more often. I'm enjoying getting to know you better.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, sweet friend. I've thought about stopping a time or two myself. It is time consuming...I can't sit and have a "real" cup of coffee or tea with you...there are other things I should be doing. Truth is I love blogging, the sharing of ideas, the feeling that I fit into this crazy, creative world somewhere and my morning coffee with my friends via the internet. I understand those that back away for a time but for me, right now this is such an important part of my "real" life. I have come to enjoy the give and take, too. Looking forward to many more years! Patty

Marj Talbot said...

Your posts I'm sure consume a lot of your time. I for one am truly thankfull for all that you share and I look forward to reading each one. As Laura said - much better reading than a magazine - a great start to any day. I love how you put bits and pieces together as your thoughts emerge, and in the end a beautifull creation is born.
Thanks tons for creating and sharing. You're a shining light in our world.

Pat Winter said...

You are so right, it isn't about numbers but you just got another one :-) I love to find "real" people blogging. The ones who pull their pants on one leg at a time and realized everyone else does too. It is refreshing in the world of "I'm #1". That just isn't for me. Glad to have stumbled upon this post. Have a great day.
Smiles and blessings,

Anonymous said...

True, Jillayne! It's become a part of my world too and I can't imagine not meeting with all of my special blogging friends here! I'd miss you all, the sharing, the inspiration, and the true friendships that have developed over the past few years that I've been doing this. You have all expanded my world. I've learned from you. Not only crafty things but about relationships, cultures, history and more....! It's almost like reading a book that goes on and on. You know, the kind where you feel you know the characters and you like them and you don't want that last page to happen.
Thanks for becoming my friend!
Hugs, Diane

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
I have friends,too whom tells me -:go out and play in the real world--and alwayes answering them.-that this is my real world,just like you.
I would not ,for any thing,let go of this wonderfull friendship with you, and many others, that became close friends.And being mentioned here in your friends-list makes me so very happy, dear friend.

Your blog is alwayes, for me- a place to find piece,-seing your wonderfull creations, and reading your wise words, about this and that-alwayes sending me off to work, with something good on my mind.
Like now- where I also had to uhhh over your beautifull tag- and sweet little fabric hanger.
You are a beautifull soul-thankyou for this dear post, Jillayne.
Hugs, Dorthe

The French Bear said...

Oh that Dorthe, she is the best isn't she? What a beautiful comment and so honest...that's what I love about blogging. People who care and understand and lift you up when you are down.....I think sometimes it can be overwhelming for some who think they must keep up a certain amount of posting but if your heart isn't in it you may struggle....
I love to come and be lifted in spirirt and mind and it thrills me to see something that you have created or to laugh or feel emotional about...it is like having a whole bunch of dear and close friends right at my fingertips and I know they really do care.....what a good start to my day, especially when I can be inspirired and recharged before I even leave the house!
Which your lovely heart has done today, I do need to try some crazy quilting and this makes me want to start now!!!!
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the signs of Spring, I know it's here somewhere!!!

The English Romantic said...

What a great post that has inspired such an interesting bunch of comments.
I just want to thank all the people I've met through blogging. it's got me through some bad days recently.
Thank you, thank you and lets all keep blogging.
(one day I'll tell you my story!)

Lucille said...

I love visiting blogs. I especially like visiting your blog. It gives me inspiration and like Laura said it is better than a magazine. Less clutter.

oldgreymare said...

You and I have talked about balance before and I think if/when you finally get to the point where #'s don't matter all the good stuff settles in and becomes doable. Maybe not perfectly every day but neither is the rest of our lives.

Many of those I see leaving or complaining appear to have entered the competition and you know I personally won't join the race. Always the odd duck, swimming the wrong way in the wrong pond and I like it that way.

Many of my dearest confidants are now here in blogland and I am so blessed that we stumbled upon each other!


Michelle May (Shell) said...

"But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement , the greater part of life is sunshine." -Thomas Jefferson

You are sunshine in my life. :)
Love ya bunches!

MosaicMagpie said...

Oh my friend, I sometimes think our blogging friends see deeper into our hearts and souls than some of our "in front of us" friends. When we blog about our lives, things we are excited about, our sorrows or joys...that all comes from our hearts. We comment in reply, to one another from our hearts.
Glad to have you for a friend and I always enjoy my visits here.

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Dear Jillayne,
I feel the same as you do on this subject. It is the real world when you connect with others, share ideas, give each other encouragment and become friends. I have been so blessed by the friends I have made over the past few years and most certainly you and your wonderful ways. Your talents, writing and creations have been such a wonderful addition to blogland for all of us.
Thank you for all you do and your bloggy friendship.

Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.
XOXO Celestina Marie

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