Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"We're not in Kansas anymore" comes to mind when I look at this photo...

Bozzy and Josie-phine are getting a new outlook on cooking (Josie is the one with ears, Bozzy has only bumps)

If you have been to my house you will know this is the spot where the wall oven usually resides...
But not no more!

It broke and it broke really well and I am glad, glad, glad.

If you've been to my house you'll know why I'm glad... it was twenty-seven years old, wouldn't hold anything bigger than a 12 pound turkey, and that was a tight fit!

My husband packs these darn pillows (I made four) all over the house so the cats will always have someplace comfy to lay and he couldn't resist putting one in the oven-hole.

This is a fitting spot as Bozzy adores food, especially people food and you would swear he is a dog in disguise. His favourite? Pringle's Potato Chips, Low Salt. (I may have had a teeny bit to do with him liking them...and probably also with him liking Cheezies second best)

I wish I could write pet-speak like Shell does with Sugie and Sir Harrington - she always makes me laugh over their antics. (You really must go to her blog and scroll until you find a post about them...)

And so now we get a new oven! The new ones are taller and wider so we have some cabinet renovating to do but I am finally going to get a brand new big oven for the first time in 14 years!

In the meanwhile, cooking lessons seem to be in store for these two - it has a direct view to the counter top range...

And because Bozzy is the most food-oriented cat I have ever known, he will be the one to park here the most.

I think his food issues date back to what happened to him when he was small, before we got him...

Somehow or other he was left outside for over a week (the Vet's best guess) during the coldest Yukon winter in 60 years, with the average temperature of that particular week between 45 and 50 below Celsius (minus 55 F). He was found on Boswell Crescent in Whitehorse by some kind soul and taken to the Animal Shelter. A picture and write-up were placed in the paper, which our daughter Laura found one day as she read the news. Knowing her father's penchant for ginger cats and his inability to ignore a cat in need, she read him the ad.
They were in the car before you could count to three but were told they couldn't adopt him for several days to give the rightful owners a chance.

Long story short, no one else came forward and we got him. He was starved and frozen and in great need of cuddling and as I was a stay at home mom, that job fell to me. And because he had been starved, he wanted to eat anything and everything, hence the Pringles - my favourite junk food!

After a few days one ear fell off, then another. A week later I found him playing with a pompom which turned out to be the tip of his tail... one friend suggested Bits & Pieces for his name.

I remember one morning at breakfast Laura asked if next time we could get a whole cat...
I can tell you though , no cat has ever been more welcomed, mollycoddled or loved and boy does he know it!

So now we get a new oven and when it's in, Laura will come and we will christen it with cookies - it's a family tradition! 


suzieQ said...

Oh, my, what a nice ending for the poor fellow. I was looking at him and wondering what breed he was, with those "bobbed" ears. What misery to loose parts that way. Of my cats, Steve is most fond of my kitchen trips, he has me well trained to share. You know he has you trained, don't you?
Good luck with the new stove, perhaps catnip cookies could be a new tradition.

MosaicMagpie said...

Bozzy you are one lucky cat! You have managed to be adopted and loved by a great family. I don't know too many cat dads that would take a pillow around for the cats to have a place to sit. Now about those Pringles....I don't know too many cat moms that share their favorite junk foods either! Jillayne you may become some kind of a famous baker once you get that big oven!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

"Hey Bozzy, is it me or does it still smell like turkey in here?"
"Ummm, yep, I'm smell'in it Josie-phine. Dad is totally cool for putting our pillows in here. I'm thinking they can do without a new oven. This cat condo totally rocks!", hubby and daughter are truly my kinda people. Sweet and precious kitties. Love the story and love even more the happy ending. Truly makes my heart happy!!!!

Happy new oven and warm cookies for warm hearts.
Ya'll rock!
xx, shell

Becca said...

Kitties! Oh how I love seeing pictures of your cats, so sweet! Poor Bozzy, well, not anymore...what a lucky kitty to have you! I am partial to ginger cats Josie looks so much like my Fetzer! Thanks for brightening my day with these sweet shots. :-)

Marj Talbot said...

Great cat condo - I must agree.
Bozz and Josie just might like a batch of bird seed cookies - you think?

Suztats said...

I loved seeing pics of your cats and reading about bozzie. Reminded me of our cat Peaches (short for peaches and cream, because I refused to call 'here Marmalade, here Marmalade' which was the kids first choice. Orange and white, of course. And sweet.
Hurray for a new oven!

Shirley said...

I enjoyed your post this evening and I will be looking forward to seeing your new oven. Did your daughter chose the cats name? I know our daughter did with our cat. You always knew where to find him, He would curl up next to dad or lay on the back of the chair right behind your head. They are so loveable Take care and enjoy your new oven. Your Missouri Friend.

Laura said...

I think Marj read my mind!!

Laura said...
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Maggie said...

Lucky Lucky "Bozzy" and "Josie", if there is such as thing as reincarnation..... I hope I come back as a cat in your household. I also am partial to a ginger cat "Casey" is equally spoilt with cushions in most rooms, especially in my sewing, as he likes to be with me when I am sewing.......Love your pictures, they are definately loved.
Thanks for sharing the great pics and your story....hugs

Dorthe said...

They are surely living a fantastic life,in your home, dear Jillayne-and I can see how they enjoy their new place-I can feel all sad in my heart ,for Bozzy, loosing body parts because of freezing so much-that poor little thing.
Now I can tell he will not find a better home, to grow old in .
I can also tell, your joy about getting your new owen, --congratulations with the break down og the old one :)
I don`t find much time for baking, with the shop--but before I did make a lot--- sounds so cosy, with your family tradition.
Hope your day will be great, and happy, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Aw, the poor thing had frostbite. How sad! But his story definitely has a happy ending. Our Sweetie is also a stray and found by our daughter at an adoption center. And she has "starving cat syndrome" too. The bottom of her bowl must NEVER actually show. It must always have a layer of munchies over it, even if it's only a few or she will sit and wait until we cover it. Even if she's not hungry and will walk away from it uneaten, it has to be IN the bowl! I think cats have memories better than elephants. =^..^=

Your two are ADORABLE!
Hugs, Diane

The French Bear said...

Aww...I love cat stories!!! I can't have any animals so I have to love everyone else' heart really belongs to ginger cats too!!! They are so glad there are soul's out there to love and protect all animals, that's a great story!
I love to read Shell's rabbit adventures, isn't she the funniest? It makes me want to have a pet!!!!
How wonderful to have a new oven, and have someone else bake in it!!! Lucky you!

Createology said...

Your kitties are so adorable. I don't think I would have the heart to fill this with another oven. Bozzy and Josie-phine now have "A Room With A View". How cozy they appear and to be so close to the heart of the home is priceless. I hear them saying..."Thank you meowy much".

MosaicMagpie said...

I kept thinking about those cats in the oven opening. I kept thinking it was like Hansel and Gretel when the witch tried to put them in the oven.

Debora said...

Thank you for sharing this! Love the pics of the cats in the oven. :o) And Bozzy is so blessed to have you all to love him. What a story, bless him!

Bead and Needle said...

They're gonna' be so sad to see you fill that space in with an uncomfortable oven! I think he's probably better than a "whole" cat - this made my evening! Thanks for the laughs - they're a couple of beauties...good luck with the renovations! Happy weekend - Tanya

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Sweet Friend,
What a wonderful story. I am so glad your dear little kitty has such a warm and loving home with you and your family. The poor little dear. What a cutie pie.
I just love the pic with them in the oven. Too cute! And, I am happy you will be getting your bigger oven to enjoy and bake in. I bet those first batches of cookies will be delicious!
Have fun and a good weekend.
Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. It is always special to see you.
XO Celestina Marie

Lucille said...


SheilaC said...

Your cats are so sweet! And thank you for sharing Bozzys story. My cats are all rescues too, and aren't we lucky to have found them!?


Crafty Green Poet said...

what lovely cats and how lucky Bozzy is to have found you, what a story!