Monday, March 7, 2011

'Musing Mondays - Flat As a Board!

A while back I took part in a heart swap hosted by Debbie of Mosaic Magpie; we were to make one heart, in whatever medium we wanted and send it in. A few weeks back I heard from Becky of Heart in My Hand - she was the person who had received my heart. 

I didn't know at that time who I was swapped with so Becky and I had to wait... and wait... and wait some more (Canada Customs has no respect for Swaps!)

Last week the parcel finally arrived with a beautiful heart that was indeed made by Becky. When I opened it I was thrilled  - love the words and the tin, the shabby perfection of it.

And on the back, a simple label and a tag pinned on with Becky's info. 
Becky has a heart wall in her studio where the heart I made hangs; I have a little iron basket on my sewing table where a few special hearts are nestled together and this one fits in just perfectly.

Debbie also tucked in this sweet little heart, made from batting and bits of lace,

with a beautiful red toile on the back.

Just when the swapping was about to begin, Debbie's husband became seriously ill. She has had a string of challenges in the past few months but this was a big one and not only did she complete the Swap and get all the parcels mailed out, she made each of the participants one of these charming hearts. Thankfully her man is on the mend!

Now for today's 'Musement -  I dug deep in my box of unfinished quilt tops. A couple of years ago I got intrigued by blended quilts and gathered some fabrics and made some blocks. Some became table runners for my sale, some landed in the reject pile and 9 became a wall hanging.

When I unearthed it the other day I noticed it kind of bubbled up in one corner - bubbled up like a 34B... Yikes!!
So I stewed and brewed - I'm usually optimistic, but no way was quilting going to deal with that; it rose up like a mini Mt. St. Helen's.

It was pitch it, or fix it.

As I quite liked it I decided to fix it. And to be truthful, it was also a form of punishment; I am always baffled by how I don't notice these things as they happen. It's always well after the fact and so I decided if I had to really deal with the consequences, perhaps I might just be a little more "present" in my next project.

So I picked it apart. borders and all (wondering why I thought two borders was a good thing), pressed the squares, squared them up again and started over. I had found the reject blocks and decided they weren't really so bad after all (time and distance meld expectations with outcome) so I expanded the wall hanging to 12 blocks instead of nine.

I love how the values change block to block and the mishmash of colour and pattern...

And I realized why I had got into trouble in the first piece - the red toile was a fabric I really wanted to use but it's directional - so, I fussy cut it to get the print straight, which happened to make all four sides of each square on the bias - big ick. I should have interfaced them to add stability but I was the Shortcut Queen and didn't bother.

After two day's work it's flat as a board and all ready for quilting and I love it.


The English Romantic said...

Your hearts are so pretty, i love the thought of keping them all together in a basket.
Like you I have a passion for 'blended quilts' and have made a few. Love the rich colours on this one. 'Shortcuts' we all do it!
Hugs Angela.

dianehobbit said...

I love heart swops. I have a very special one from a friend in my sewing room. My daughter loves it, but I am being firm and not parting with it.

Anonymous said...

Well, it turned out gorgeous, girlfriend, and you have much more patience than I do to take it apart and fix it. I'd probably have cut it into smaller projects and then each one of them would have become more UFOs. lol
Love the rich colors and the pattern. Triangles are ALWAYS tricky so I'm even more in awe of your patience! I usually do those with paper piecing.
Hugs, Diane

Marj Talbot said...

Now that's nice!! I love the colours and the patterns. Also like the striped border. It's very nice indeed - I'd be tempted to start another.
Congratulations on your determination to fix/complete this project. Feels good eh?
Great idea for the hearts in a basket. They are all beautifull and to be treasured.
Thanks again for sharing.

Alisa said...

34B... cracked me up!!!
It looks fabulous, Jillayne!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jillayne,
The heart swap gift is lovely. What a good idea to fill a basket with these pretties.
My gosh the quilt is awesome. Taking on a fix it is a major ordeal, so I know you have lots of patience. It turned out fantastic and the colors together are beautiful. Very detailed.

Thank you for visiting and your kind comments about my kitchen and garden flowers. I wish I could send up some warmer weather to melt that snow pile you talked about. Spring is coming, just a little later for you, then us here in Texas.

Hugs and happy creating,
Celestina Marie

Createology said...

Your tenacity of unpicking this and restitching your squares really paid off. Now you have a beautiul and perfectly executed piece of art that is truly one of a kind. It is stunning. Perhaps we should all take a lesson from your experience and not "shortcut".
You are the best for sharing so honestly that we may possibly learn.

Shirley said...

Hi Jillayne, First thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Yes, we are all quilty of trying to shortcut and I usually end up in hot water, I love your piece of art waiting to be quilted. It is beautiful and I really like the colors. They just blend in so beautiful. We have a mixture of snow and rain today, but stayed above freezing for which I am very thankful. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

MosaicMagpie said...

My goodness it took a long time for your heart to arrive! I am happy you are pleased with your partner and your little heart from me. The project you unstitched, recut and then sewed up again it beautiful. Well worth the extra time and patience it took!

Michelle May said...

34B, Mt. St. Helen's....too darn funny!!!!! Turned out gorgeous though. I remember how much I loved those fabrics a few years ago.
What a gorgeous heart! Swaps are so fun!
xx, shell