Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marching On (aka "Cry Me A River")

March is here but I'm not ready; I'm not ready to 'fess up, tally up and measure up...
likely because I know I'll fail miserably.

I suspect that might be why the operative phrase is "New Year's Aspirations".

This charming tissue case is not big enough to hold all the tissues needed to cry that proverbial river of tears (if you want to know how to make them, hop over here)

but these might!

I thought I would be able to do better this month but perhaps right there, in that one word, "thought", lies the error of my ways... I thought I would, but I really didn't try.

And so when I look at the tally I am a little disappointed, but then again, what did I expect - I think it, I want it, so it just happens? (I really would like to know why it can't be that easy - I understand it isn't and can't be on an intellectual level, but the child in me still wants to know why not!?!)

Anyhow, back to that old grown-up knowledge of reality; they're called aspirations for a reason - things to try for, hope for, (and here's the icky part), work for. The good news is I have a whole year to get it right, so I won't give up. The only bad news is for you - you have to put up with my once-a-month 'fess up. Here, have a tissue...  

In fact, if you have any suggestions for improvement, fire them at me. I'll pick a winner on Thursday and send you your very own tissue case filled with wonderful things.

So here's how I did for February:

Yoga Everyday 17/28
Fabric In - 9.5m (60% off Sale - yikes)
Fabric Out - 7.10m
2 Letters Written
8 Projects Started
5 Old Projects Finished

Year To Date

Yoga Everyday 35/59
Fabric In - 11.4m
Fabric Out - 9.9m
 Letters Written - 3
15 New Projects Started
15 Old Projects Finished


The good news is that of all the projects I have started, I have finished all but two - that's pretty darn good - at least for me. But then I am pretty good at finding silver linings. And now I get a brand new month, with 31 whole days - how great is that?


Createology said...

Jillayne thank you so much for writing this post for me as it is so relevant. I think and yet I don't do. Years ago I bought a brand new piano and made payments on it for four long years. Did I ever learn how to play it? No. Osmosis did not happen. I even took classes and lessons yet never learned how to play that piano. I also buy art supplies thinking that I will be such a great artist but those supplies sit there unused and I always doubt my artistic powers. Why are we so hard on ourselves? We make fabulous things and everyone says so yet we always question and doubt our abilities. Why?!?!?! Thank you for these wise words.
I am loving your muslin heart with the ruched flower. Your tissue cases are fabulous. I love all that you create. You always inspire me and I very much appreciate you! March forward...

Becca said...

I love the tissue cases! I've actually made some of these, but my embellishments aren't as pretty as yours, I sort of just went by the book! :-)

Laura said...

Here's to March being 31/31 on the yoga front!! And I guess a bit more fabric out wouldn't hurt...

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet Jillayne,
Oh friend I think you are doing great,-don`t cry :)
I think that people, like us, with heads full of ideas, can`t just make all happen, as we wisch to...
There must be some new things tryed-and maybe not finished, in first place--but look at you, how much you have already improoved!
I will rather say, Bravo -you finished 15 old projects-and even had time to start 15 new up :)

The envelopes are very lovely, dear friend-
Wishing you a great day.

Anonymous said...

Jillayne, here's where you're going "wrong" - me too!!! It's One Day at A Time. Don't think year, month, week, just one day. Come to think of it...maybe one HOUR at a time instead! For this next hour I will follow through with my aspirations!
Give yourself a break, sweetie! My motto: Nobodie's perfeckt. :-)

Marj Talbot said...

Could you have your UFO's arranged in time catagories? Your schedule is busy so doesn't obviously allow time required to finish some projects. If you had 30 minutes to spend and went to the least time "pile" you could easily pull one and get it done. When you have a whole day, work from the pile that takes the longest time.
Maybe by the time they are all separated, several could be done. lol I like to organize mine in such a way and it has worked for me. Mind you I didn't have upwards of 100 at any time.
Always remember - you did the best you could and tomorrow is another day

Tina Eudora said...

Jillayne you are still way ahead of me!
I never set goals anymore as it is just another occasion to self-flagellate.
Naw, I am embracing the fact that things rarely turn out the way I had envisioned them. Today I am celebrating the fact that I got out of bed and stayed out so far!!! Yay me!
Oh I love the tissue covers, they are so pretty and very elegant.
Tina xo

Becky Shander said...

Enjoy your brand new month of potential. Being on the brink of Spring feels wonderful.

Suztats said...

Do we all set expectations higher than we can manage? It would seem so from the responses. Ah, but if there was no striving, would we reach as far as we do?
As I am lucky enough to be creating for my own pleasure than for making a living, my parameters are sure to be different.
I put each project I'm planning to work on in its own little clear tote, with all the supplies I think I'll use. When I have a few moments, I grab a tote and set to work. It's easy to gather up the items in a couple of minutes, and return them to the tote, and this keeps my work area neat, for the most part. I find I accomplish more in less time because all my supplies are together and organized, and the tote moves easily from one place to another. It seems to work for me, anyway.
I love your tissue holders!

Robin said...

Your tissue holders are beautiful Jillayne! I think you're doing great and am here to cheer you on. I would love to have your stats....especially with the yoga!! Like Diane said "one day at a time".


Marj Talbot said...

If I may comment again, I have another suggestion that may or may not apply to you. I always put the one thing on top that I have almost come to hate - totally lost interest in it but insist it be completed. II would complete that first, realize how good that made me feel, and gave me the incentive to carry on to the rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm right with you. But I do think it's so important not to beat ourselves up...it causes us to lose precious joy. God gave you the ability to create and in doing so you bring the world much needed joy! Your work is just beautiful and all that yoga...good for you!

Michelle May said...

We'll never get it all done. It just doesn't work like that. When you get to the point that you have nothing else to look forward to, nothing on your to do list, or no adventure left to take, you die. Just like that. Then your done. Until then, just ride the fabulous ride of creativity, pile it all up and pull something out as you go to work on. Enjoy every part of the journey as the end is really nothing but end. :)

xx, shell