Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday's 'Musement - Where's My Shoe?

Several months ago (almost nine to be exact - which almost seems apropos now that I think about it), I had the exceedingly uncomfortable experience of having my shoe placed quite firmly on my other foot.
I was in a Vancouver whilst Marc was on a course and happened upon a quilt shop while hanging out with my darling daughter, where she happened upon a version of this:

"The Boston Bag"

Several were on display, advertising an upcoming course. 
As I didn't live there, taking the course was not an option but thinking myself of reasonable intelligence, I would buy the pattern and make the bag on my own.


Only available as a course.

How many times I have uttered those same words to customers and there they were, coming right back at me. Karma? I think so... and what an uncomfortable experience that was...

I looked it over pretty carefully but I know my limitations - there was no hope of making it without the pattern. 
A very big sigh of regret.

But I am stubborn... and resourceful... so when we got home I started digging... and got nowhere.

So I emailed the store where I had seen the bag and told them I would sign up for the course but as I couldn't attend would they please mail me the instructions. This time I struck pay dirt.
This time a very helpful employee gave me the name and email address of the instructor and suggested I contact her directly to buy the pattern.

Agnes Rhim of agnesquilt and also a blog in Korean (which is definitely worth looking at) was more than willing to sell me her pattern as well as zippers with charming pulls and the leather handles that make her bags so lovely.

If you click on this photo you will see the sweet cherub charm on the zipper...

I love the shape of this bag and it was surprisingly easy to make. The rose fabric is one I have had for more than a decade; it is one of my special, treasured fabrics - you know, the ones you are so afraid to use... I have several like that and I have often wondered what holds me back. I think in part it's because when they're gone, they're gone but also because they are so perfect to me, in and of themselves, and I am afraid there is nothing I would make that could live up to their potential.

Perhaps I'm getting older (for sure) and wiser (not so sure), but I knew it was the right fabric for this bag. So I hunted and gathered and found some pretties and I am so thrilled with how they all came together.

And I learned my lesson.

The next time someone comes into the shop and asks about a pattern because of something they have seen, I will do everything I can to help them get it.

I just know that they have the perfect piece of fabric, just waiting...


Marj Talbot said...

That's a very nice bag for sure. Would love to see the inside. You did a very nice job of it and the leather handles and the cherub charm would make one think it was purchased at a boutique not in our town. Good on you.
If you noticed smoke in the air tonight it wasn't a forest fire - it was coming from my sewing room. I had a stressfull evening with about 22 sets of quarter square triangles. Your handbag is much prettier. lol

marie said...

The handbag is wonderful and you're right, the fabric choices are perfect for one another.

Sounds like this was a great life lesson as well. For all of us....

Thank for sharing it.

Dorthe said...

The beautifull rose fabric and the other makes your bag, very ,very pritty- Jillayne.
And you are a wonderfull seamstress-doing all so accurate, that it looks like bought for MUCH money!-I like your stubbernness,too
Wonderfull you just got the pattern, at last, dear.

Suztats said...

Beautiful bag! And I love the rose fabric. I guess you were saving it just for this project. Now you can enjoy it everytime you use your new bag.

Laura said...

Well yours puts the bag we saw on display to shame... I love it! Especially the cherub and the plaid fabric. Just wait, you are gonna get pestered to teach this as a class of your own now, haha.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, looks so classic and timeless. You're right. It's the perfect fabric - it looks like you might have purchased it in England, it's THAT classic! All you need is a tweed jacket and brogues and you've got the outfit to match!
Love it, Jillayne!

Maggie said...

saw your wonderful bag at your demo today and what a classy bag, I hope you are planning a class to make this.....I will be the first to sign up that is for sure. You sure know how to pick the colours, they are my favorite. You are a very talented gal!!!!

gm glimmerglass said...

Very handsome satchel you've created! Really lovely.

What a nice feeling to use treasured fabric to make a special project. Look s like the perfect fit.

The detailing really is wonderful. You are so talented.

Pat Winter said...

I really enjoyed this post and what perfect fabric for that beautiful bag. I am not a sewer and do not follow patterns well so I must say your looks perfect.Mine would most definitely be a mess.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice compliments. I do hope everyone enjoys the magazine and I can't wait for the June issue.

FredaB said...


Your's sure is a wonderful model for that pattern. You did such a great job. Love the colors you put together.

You put the rest of us to shame.



Judy Hartman said...

Your purse is beautiful, Jillayne! The combination of fabrics struck me as perfect the minute I saw them!