Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday's 'Musement -Trying Too Hard?

It seems I can't get Monday's post done on Monday - and believe me, it isn't for lack of trying!

This week I really wanted to play with a wrist cuff I started a while back, but this story really starts last year when I bought a beautiful seashell cuff from Diane Knott. I love to wear it in the summer months and thought I would use it as my inspiration to make another one for our upcoming trip to France. 
I've been amassing a small collection of silk ribbons, vintage buttons and was gifted some beautiful handmade lace from Belgium last Spring by a travelling friend and thought these might combine to make something pretty.

Below is the fabric case I made for it so hopefully it won't get crushed along the way. It's made from Osnaburg fabric in a simple envelope style with frayed edges - can't get much simpler than that!

I embroidered my initials on a small piece of twill tape - perfect for hiding where the silk ribbon flower and button are attached to the front...

I used a lot of buttons and beads, trying to keep everything balanced without getting too symmetrical. The ribbon definitely has a mind of it's own when you're trying to twist, turn and pleat it. 
It doesn't help either that I'm all thumbs...

I sewed buttons on and took them off again, beads bouncing all around,

I tried twice to get a better close-up but my camera won't do macro photographs and every  time I got too close it started beeping like mad!

(Clicking on the pictures might help see the detail a little better)

I think I'm happy with it (sound convincing don't I?) but oh my, it took forever. Hours and hours and you would swear my name should be Mrs. Dithers, or maybe Goldilocks.
"This button's too big, now too small, not the right patina, design's too plain, too intricate, beads are too shiny, too little, does this look silly?"  and on and on and on.

So I wondered, am I trying too hard, or just incapable of making a design decision in less than 15 minutes?

Inquiring minds want to know...


Sherry said...

Your work is just beautiful! I did click on the picture so that I could get a closer look. I love the little cloth case you made. Your initials on the inside is a great idea, I will remember that when I want to hide stitching. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation.

Laura said...

Totally unrelated, but I love the new header!!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what a lovely project! i think it is better to keep going until you are happy with the outcome than to settle for the first design. maybe if you make more of these you will also get to know more what will work.

Createology said...

Jillayne your cuff and its matching protective case are lovely. It sounds like your inner critic should have taken a nap and let you create. Your cuff is beautiful and you will enjoy knowing you made it as you wear it especially in France. Your initials are brilliant beneath the button detail. Happy cuffing...

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Beautiful work as always Jillayne! I don't think you are either trying too hard or incapable of making a design decision; I think that you are simply an artist who is always striving for the best and the best takes time! It is exquisite, as is all of your work, and the simple touch of you adding your initials to cover some stitches on your little case just goes to illustrate how meticulous and exacting you are. Wear it with pride in France, you will appear tres chic and they will all be going ooh la la! Happy travels, Deb

Robin said...

It's beautiful Jillayne! I clicked on the pic to see it closer and I love those little heart buttons, what a perfect touch. I think you took just the right amount of time to be satisfied with what you created and it's definately worth it! Have a great day.


Suztats said...

This is very nice, Jillayne, and I like that it has a softly tailored vibe to it. Touches of bling,lace, and it's own case....love it. And it's worth waiting an extra 2 days to see it!!

Marj Talbot said...

A very very nice cuff indeed. You are trying hard to please yourself and so I'm sure you have. I love all the embellishments - very nice.
Nice case as well. Nice to see you have made something special just for you. You will wear it proudly.

Michelle May said...

I think it's gorgeous and you did a great job. I can't make any decisions for myself quickly. Let's just say me and the paint department at Lowe's have become good friends this week. hee,hee,hee.
xx, shell

Becca said...

Oh Jillayne, this is so beautiful! I love the colors and the vintage buttons.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Jillayne! And it looks like you're having trouble finding time to blog this week too. So busy here as well.
The blue in your creation is really striking, and I think you chose the perfect buttons for it.

lisa fulmer said...

Your post is featured today on the C&T Publishing blog - thanks for being part of our Creative Troupe!

Dorthe said...

Too much time spend I don`t know-but I know it is beautifull.
I so love the blue tone, in the ribbon- and the uncymetrical pattern, with the metal butons- you made yourself a wonderfull cuff,- and it is great with the bag, to keep it inside.
Hugs, to you, dear.

FredaB said...

You did a great job and I do not think the buttons are too big. Love the idea of making its own little carry bag.

You are very clever my dear.

When are you going to France? Did I miss something?



Maggie said...

Your demo on Friday was wonderful as usual Jill wouldn't miss it for the world.
Love the fact that you are getting Osnaburg Fabric in the sewing basket. Years ago I had some fabric similiar from my grandma and little by little I used it all up and I have never been able to get anything like it since.......But Friday there it was.....not sure what they called it then??? I will get much use out of it that is for sure. Wouldn't mind making a few of your cases you made with it!!!!!
Also I think your choice of buttons are wonderful, I have been finding all sorts of different buttons lately especially for the bags I like to make.
Take care and see you soon.