Friday, February 18, 2011

Jiminy Crickets!

I've been off since Tuesday and am enjoying myself thoroughly - still puttering but a little more seriously than before.

Finishing up some projects from last year, like this little Christmas card (I'll be so organized this year!)

It's like a cabinet card in that it doesn't open, just two sides..

There's just enough space to add a salutation to the intended recipient and it's ready for giving, in about 10 months time!

And below is a small gift tag, all ready to go...

I started these when I was working my way through KC Willis' Collage Camp and they were almost done, but not quite, so I today I finished them.

The star button is mother-of-pearl but the holes were huge so I glued a button on top  - much better.

Making these little tags is simple, especially if you have lots of scraps.

I used to save the smallest, teensy-tiniest scraps of fabric, many smaller than 2".
Every time I finished a project I would go to throw the scraps away and it was as if my mother was perched on my shoulder and her words were running through my mind: "Waste not want not", "A real quilter uses all her scraps" so I saved them all.

When I was feeling overwhelmed with all my fabric of late, my scraps were a big part of that; the piles grow at an alarming rate and though I use them, I never make a dent. 

So I did what any good daughter does when her mother is perched on her shoulder chirping like Jiminy Cricket...

I pushed her off.

Don't worry, she landed in a great huge pile of scraps - which I then sorted through and got rid of everything that was under 3" square, or was so hideous I couldn't imagine I ever paid good money for it.

Less stuff = less mess.
It's the new math!


Createology said...

You are too funny. I love how your mother landed. Fabulous Christmas card and why not be ready early as we all know time will completely get away from us when we need it most. Your tag is also wonderful. Happy days off and finishing projects...

Laura said...

I think I'm in shock...

Dorthe said...

I love your little pieces of scraps, they are beautifull,----
and I`m happy your mother was not hurt when pushed off :)
I, have a wooden chest on my table ,more than filled to the brim, with tiny schraps!!!
Big hug to you Jillayne.

Shirley said...

My Mother would have taken your 3" scraps and use them in a quilt. She would make baby quilts where the square would be the size of a postage stamp. I have three of those that she made for each of my children. I love watching you are making. My son and I were suppose to go to breakfast, but he hasn't made it up yet. Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

The French Bear said...

Jillayne, I thought you were making inchies!!! I love that you are getting ready for Christmas now......what a grand idea...that's how I should look at it! I will ahead instead of so far behind!!!!!
Looks like you had a great time playing this week, I am so jealous, not really but how I wish I had time to putter, maybe next week!!!

Marj Talbot said...

Great post - we enjoyed it thorougly. I too have pitched those little bits. While they are usefull in some appliques, they can pile up rather quickly. I am collecting only bright colours for hydrangeas, all others go into the trash bin. There is a time for waste and want - I'm sure my mother would agree.
Keep up the good work - enjoy the reads very much.

Marj Talbot said...

There's no rule against commenting twice right?
I was so taken by the purging of snippets that I hadn't commented on the terrific job you did of the card. I wish I could print like that - looks so good. I love the picture on the front of the card, it's a good find.
Great work.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! If we saved it ALL we'd all be candidates for The Hoarders show! ;-)

Hugs, Diane

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jillayne,
What a wonderful card and tag you finished for next year.
I save all my scraps too. Just when I am about to through them out, I think, oh that little something might be needed one day. It's hopeless, but I do get rid of a lot too. Even old paint brushes hang around for scrubbing in little trees, snow, flowers, etc. Everything has a new purpose it seems.

So glad your mom fell in the pile of scraps. LOL
Have a wonderful and creative week.
Hugs from WARMER Texas
Celestina Marie

FredaB said...

Hi Jillayne

Quite a few years ago I was taking a workshop on silk embroidery from one of the Australian teachers. I won't say her name as I might embarrass her. Each day when the class was over a couple of us stayed to help her clean up.
the first day she went thru each garbage bag taped to the table and removed all the silk ribbon pieces we had thrown out that were more then a couple of inches. She commented "you Americans are so wasteful - do you know how much that ribbon costs in Australia?. She mentioned it in class and made us all look at scraps in a new way. Whether it be ribbon or fabric I guess there is always a need for it.


I have heard of "throw momma from the train" but not over your shoulder. You could be a comedian when you get tired of sewing.
Standup - a new career.

Michelle May said...

I love your new math! Too funny!
These are gorgeous girlfriend!
It does feel good to get some things done ahead of time. But as you can see since it took me 3 days to get to leave a comment, I'm always running behind! ;)
xx, shell

dianehobbit said...

Thank you for the advice on improving my blog!