Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Idea

I find artists often write a lot about inspiration.

They write about where it comes from and what they do when they get it, whether they jump right in and create, or jot notes down in a treasured ideas book before their newest idea is lost in the busyness of a creative mind.

"Inspiration Inspires" is what happens to me. 

Every new idea I get leads to at least one more, and that usually leads to others, and so on until my mind is a whirling dervish (I love that expression!).

When I made the little torn muslin stocking before Christmas, I was so taken with the effect that I began to wonder what else I could rip and tear. After working on it one afternoon I put it on a pile of crazy quilted stockings and the wheels started turning - why couldn't I crazy quilt with torn fabrics?

I think part of me really didn't want to try it because I kept arguing with myself about it - went sort of like this:

"Can't do it - crazy quilting fabrics need to be all angled, and you can't tear fabric that way."

"Well, I could cut it, and then fray those edges with a pin, a nail brush and small sharp scissors to cut in to the fringe - "faux ripped" I'll call it."

"Maybe - but what about the decorative stitches that go over the seams? Huh? How about them?"

"Stitch them just to the side of the torn edge, far enough away so you see the fringe but close enough they seem like a design unit - and following that edge will help keep the stitching straight, even without a seam."

I love how it looks! It's exactly how I was picturing it in my mind during the argument, half of which wasn't even necessary because the pieces don't need to torn on an angle; three of the sides get overlapped by the adjacent fabrics anyway. (You might have to look at it close up to understand what I mean here)

Necessary or not, I love that back and forth in my brain, the puzzling it out and oftentimes I find my brain has over thought it, as in this case. As soon as I started actually working on this heart, I realized that issue was non-existent and the rest just fell into place.  

The rose is made by twisting and coiling one strand of pink Perle Coton #3 and one strand of white "Spring", tacking in place as I went. The knot I used to join the threads together formed the centre of the rose; that knot was another "problem" in my mind but my fingers knew just what to do with it when I started.

I am pretty happy with this one so far but need to get it finished - it's for Debbie's Swap over at the Mosaic Magpie and I need to get it to her by February 7.

No time for any more arguments!


The French Bear said...

I love the look of an all white crazy quilt. It's so full of texture, and the rose is a great touch..... all the stitching looks so pretty Jillayne!
A very gorgeous inspiration for sure!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! And you inspired me to try the torn edge crazy quilt technique. I had made some stamped ribbons on some 100% cotton fabric that has roses printed on it. I just wove the torn strips and have begun to do the CQ embroidery over the printed, torn cottons. The stamping on it makes it look aged, even more so than the coffee staining that I had originally done on it. You'll be seeing it posted on my blog. It's going to be another pouch. Thanks for inspiring me to try this ragged, shabby approach, Jillayne! Even though....I'll bet our ancestors who were devout quilters would be shocked at our ragged approach! ;-)
PS: Are you keeping warm? It was -9 here this morning!

Robin said...

Brilliant Jillayne! It looks wonderful and whoever gets your finished piece will be very lucky.


Laura said...

Gorgeous! Make sure you show it to me tomorrow!!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Jillayne, I love how that is turning out! I was hoping it was for the swap. The neutral colors are awesome as is the texture and naturalness of it. I did enjoy hearing your argument too. I've had similar arguments with myself, but I never listen.

Michelle May said...

Personally, I loooooooove it! Freeing and fun!
Have you seen Jude Hill's work? She's on my blog roll. I think her work will inspire you further. Keep going with this. Love it.
xx, shell

Michelle May said...

Oh, Jude's blog is Spirit Cloth.

Shirley said...

I love your heart the way that it turned out. I would love to win it if I was in the swap. It turned out beautifully and you gave me an idea of how to make a rose that had been bugging me. It is amazing what you can learn from other people. Have a great day. A Missouri Friend.

Marj Talbot said...

As usual, a gorgeous piece of crazy quilting. I'd love to see it before you send it off - if possible.
I too get caught up deep in thought about something wondering if it would work. Then I finally just put everything aside and go for it. It often seems easier since I've already "made it in my mind". Thanks tons for sharing.

Dorthe said...

this is soo beautifull, I love your sweet rose, and the torn edges makes it all so very wonderfully shappy,--I would love this to be mine, it is full of love-romance-and wonderfull workmanship from your clever hands.

Suztats said...

Ah, lovely, Jillayne. Textured and timeless,with touches of vintage. Someone is going to be very lucky ro receive this loving heart.

MosaicMagpie said...

From the first photo I was hoping and chanting, I hope it is for the swap....I hope it is for the swap...I love that it is for the swap!
It is funny how our minds get in the way of our creative hearts. (No pun intended.) You are sewing along and everything works out perfectly. It is as if our inner muse takes over and guides us along.
Then there are the other times when nothing goes right.
Your inner muse was definately on your shoulder for this beauty!

Becca said...

I love this style Jillayne! Are those pieces sewn on a machine first then hand stitched afterwards? I guess since I don't know how to CQ it's harder for me to understand. I would love to do this. Love the soft colors too!

Anonymous said...

I always love the creative things you come up with in your sewing projects, Jillayne. Whoever receives your pretty heart, will be a lucky gal indeed! :)