Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday's 'Musement - Under Construction

Hello Monday!

I wracked my brain on the weekend, trying to decide what I wanted to tackle today. When a pile of things artfully stacked in the closet of my sewing room came crashing down on my I was "struck" with an idea.

Several years ago I was reading an issue of Junk Market Style magazine and came across the niftiest message board made out of a swing-out clothes drying rack. I searched high and low in the antiques district of Calgary, hoping to find one but all I came across of interest that day was a printer's tray. 
(I must admit, I had no idea what that was and had to ask!)

So I took it home, cleaned it, stained it and did this...

(the guy on the mountain top is my son - he thought I might like to see where he went one day when he had told me he was going out for a "long walk"!)

There were no dividers in the tray - it came empty so I just sanded, stained and varnished it (the wood was in pretty bad shape so there was no way to leave it natural), and then attached fold-back clips with decorative upholstery tacks.
The hanger is bathtub chain bought at The Home Depot. The old gent helping me was a little taken aback to find out what I wanted it for but once I explained it to him in detail, he helped figure what would be the best size and then how to attach it to the back. (Every time I went there after that he would always stop to ask what I was mustering up now!)

It's hanging in my sewing room, right next to my sewing machine and is a great place to hang all manner of cards and photographs, and little bits of paper I want to save. (The picture at the bottom is of a good friend from the Yukon on the left and myself on the right.)

When I went to hang it on the wall I didn't like the nail showing and as I had no ideas of how to camouflage it, I made this dried flower arrangement to conceal it.

I liked how it looked so much I went back and bought a second tray!

This one is divided so I thought I would do the same clips in the top and cork for the bottom.
I stained and varnished it a couple of years ago and then stuffed it in the closet waiting for a rainy day.
Today when everything fell on me I decided a snowy day was good enough!

I cut the bulletin board cork to size and attached it with Contact Cement (I absolutely love the smell of Contact Cement, which used to make my mother mental when I was child - I was always trying to get into it!)

My "girl hammer" which is pretty much useless for anything except push pins (a gift from my son in the hopes I won't hurt myself - I'm a wee bit clumsy).

So I got out the big hammer and am ready to bang those pins in place. In the meanwhile though, I got to work on the dried arrangement for the hanger...

an assortment of "stuff"

dry florist's foam with the base branches in place

filling in, adding other greenery

the end result

I added a piece of driftwood from Marsh Lake, pine cones, dried seed pods and raffia bow. 

Once I get the tacks hammered it will be all ready to hang - just have to figure out where I put the leftover bathtub chain when I cleaned my room a few weeks ago... I know I just saw it... 


MosaicMagpie said...

A good reason to not clean lose your bath tub chain! The memo board is cut and the cork on the bottom of the new one is a great idea!

Laura said...

I hope one day you can do a project that involves a snail shell from Marsh Lake! I have extra if you need them :-)

The French Bear said...

Jillayne, what a great the repurposing of this tray....looks wonderful. So does the it!!!

Suztats said...

Great idea to make a unique 'bulletin board' or memory piece personalized for anyone. I like the dried swag, too.

Dorthe said...

That looks so much more great than the usual boards we all now and then have, for memory pieces, Jillayne- it is super, and so beautifull, with the dried things, on top-looks very classy, and lovely.
Thanks for yet another great idea, dear.

Monica@The White Bench said...

Love how you used those trays, Jillayne! Very creative and useful too. I like the touch of the dried herbs, so unusual and lovely!
Thank you for your warm words! They made me feel good.
Monica x.

Anonymous said...

One must always make friends with the guys at the hardware store!
Diane :-)

FredaB said...

You are one crafty lady - in the good sense. I am surprised one of mine have not bought me that hammer.

your boards look really nice. Mine are covered with so much stuff you can't see the board.

Keep warm.