Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's 'Musement - Pretty in Pink

How nice to get up this morning knowing the first thing on the To Do List was to do something fun - I don't get days like that very often.

Every since I lifted my head from quilting and discovered the world of mixed media I have been entranced by cuffs. I have seen many on other blogs like Thespa's, bought a beautiful white lace and sea shell similar to this one from Diane and finally decided today was the day to try my own...

here's the start of it... 
(much better looking if you click on it!)

I started my foundation with these:

green silk and black velvet lace, layered onto a lightweight fusible interfacing

a mixture of silk fibres and ribbons

buttons and beads - you'll notice most of the buttons have a sort Art Deco sensibility to them. I was trying to capture that sort of effect with the cuff but you really only see that in the pink silk fibres that are gathered in the centres. I wanted to use the buttons above but they wouldn't sit right - I used the flower flat beads instead. And, they match the centre button - bonus!

Here it is again with a black surround - I think I prefer the white one in the top photo...

I'm not finished yet - lots more to add to the front still and then I have to line it and add the closures. I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm finished!

Speaking of photography - I laughed at some of your comments on my previous post - seems Photoshop isn't friendly to many!

I edited these pictures in iPhoto because I needed a break from thinking so hard - aannnd, the online course I'm taking starts tomorrow. Then I can get serious with it!


MosaicMagpie said...

Great looking beginning here. Cuffs are so much fun to make and fun to wear! I am sure you will receive lots of compliments when you wear this!

Suztats said...

Looking very smart Jillayne!

Michelle May said...

It's beautiful girlfriend! How fun! It's so nice to break out of the box and do something different!
Go play! :)
xx, shell

Laura said...

I prefer the picture with the white around it too! Looks gorgeous though!

Dorthe said...

ohhh it looks beautifull, I love how you gathered the silk threads with the buttons, and the colors are wonderfull.
This you should finish,to wear for next week-end, looking beautifull on your arm, weil you are sipping a glass of wine ,:))
xox, Dorthe

Anonymous said...

Jillayne, you've taken the cuff bracelet to a new level: perpendicular! Love the way you took the element in the center and instead of making it the entire cuff, you turned it perpendicular to the cuff! Wonderfully unique!!
And the materials are exquisite!

Monica@The White Bench said...

Love your cuff, Jillayne! I am enjoying making some too... even if I don't have much spare time to 'play' at the moment!
Thanks for your sweet comment about my desk- it will surely be one of the very first things to be unpacked once settled down in our new nest (hope soon!).

Fun With This and That said...

The cuffs are fun I'm in the heart swap, hope to get to know you better. Laura