Thursday, January 27, 2011

Draggin' the Line

He's my muse I think - Robert Service. 
I love this picture of him (you've seen it here before); it just looks to me like he's on his soapbox, telling someone, anyone, something important, something that really matters... there's an earnestness about him that appeals...

and it seems, mayhap, I'm on my own soapbox, of sorts...

Sitting here in the quiet lamplight of the family room, sipping wine and coming off a very busy two weeks, with three more days to go before there comes a break.
Feeling at a bit of a loose end..

As I wasn't teaching on this schedule I signed myself up for a few online classes and am also feeling the busyness of that, along with two jobs and a burning desire to get back at some long overdue home renos. Not to mention having opened an Etsy shop, deciding Yoga Everyday is a good thing and that I would like to get back to writing letters. Somewhere in the midst of that was a desire for contentment. 

(my son, stretching after a triathlon - I see it as powerful imagery!)

I'm not feeling overwhelmed, that isn't where this is leading; I'm just looking at things differently - I've heard yoga can do that to you, but I also might be inclined to vote for the wine...
I'm thinking about what I want, what I really don't want, what makes my heart sing and what drowns it out...

 In that vein, today I was pondering the differences between "personal" and "personality".
I am of the mind that when I write here my personality may come through, but I often think it is not very personal. I'm not really sure why - I guess because this blog stemmed from a desire to be a part of something that completely intrigued me, and the belief that it should be about what I do rather than what I think, or feel, or hope for...
I have to say though, the blog posts I enjoy elsewhere are always the ones that are the most personal.

I don't even know where I am going with this except to say I am more content in my busyness than I ever thought possible, I am so grateful everyday for the life I have, I enjoy this corner of my world more than I could ever articulate and I can't believe so many of you continue to come to read my thoughts and that some even choose to answer back.

I know I will never be all I could be, there are words in me that will never be said, more ideas than can ever be brought to fruitition, and ideals that won't always be lived up to. 
That doesn't mean it is a life less lived. 
Maybe when we just sit and enjoy the world in which we are, maybe that is the life best lived.

As I wrote this post, the lyrics of the song Draggin' the Line came into my head over and over again - check it out ... I first heard this song in the early 70's on a K-Tel LP and they are as relevant today as they were 40 (ugh - really, 40?) years ago - and the video is pretty good too.

Tommy James and the Shondells had some of the best songs ever; who didn't lament a   teenage love over the refrains of Crimson and Clover? Or wish some teenage boy was lamenting over you? Best slow dance song ever.

Well, the wine is almost gone now and my thoughts are settling...

thanks for listening


Laura said...

"I know I will never be all I could be, there are words in me that will never be said, more ideas than can ever be brought to fruition, and ideals that won't always be lived up to. That doesn't mean it is a life less lived."

LOVE THIS! Absolutely love it. I wish everyone could look at the world through your eyes. It would be a much prettier place! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Jillayne, I think living and reaching the end of our lives not having said or accomplished everything we hoped to is a good aspiration! It means we were busy, fulfilled, hopefully happy!

One thing I hope to accomplish today is to clean up the dust I see around my computer! The reason that's there is because I've been busy doing what I love instead.

Who could ask for more! Great post, girlfriend!

Hugs, Diane

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Jillayne ~ This was a great post. I think the older we get we really do start thinking about the important things in our lives. We want to get rid of the things that drag us down and hang onto the things that make our hearts and souls sing.

Enjoy your day today whatever you do.

That song sure took me back. How can that much time have gone by already?

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Becca said...

hi Jillayne, I always dropping by and chatting with you...over wine. I wish I was better at putting my thoughts on paper like this, but I usually have to settle for photos. Enjoy a beautiful, weekend, and congrats on your Etsy shop, I will have to come back for a visit...I am going to be late for work! :-)

The French Bear said...

Jillayne, your post is very interesting and thought provoking it. It is so satisfying to know that even in "busyness" we can find our inner peace. I think you are right about thinking positive about our lives and doing the best that we can, this year my goal is trying to finish what I have started, but only if it makes me happy. I love that blogging has put us in touch with others that feel the same.
My favourite Poem is the one by Robert Frost...the road less travelled, although I tend to get sidetracked a lot but how I love that each day, each blog that I visit inspires me. You inspire me with your post and sometimes it makes me want to do so much more....that's a good thing, right?
I am so proud of you for taking that step and having an Etsy shop...well done! Your posts to me are both personal and full of your personality, when I read them I think of you as creative, strong, artistic and adventurous.... I think yoga makes you centred, don't you?
When I hear that song I think of all the dreams I had at that age, how invincible I thought I was...makes me smile too......thinking back about how young and silly I was. Life was less complicated too it seems.
My Mom used to say,"today is the best day you will have"...I never understood her until now, I realize each day is what we make it......I am hoping she meant that we need to stay positive, do you think that is what she meant? lol......

MosaicMagpie said...

The words in the post:
"I know I will never be all I could be, there are words in me that will never be said, more ideas than can ever be brought to fruitition, and ideals that won't always be lived up to.
That doesn't mean it is a life less lived." struck a chord with me. It is freeing to think we can live to be who we are at the moment, in the moment. There will be forgivness for the things we didn't do as well as for those we did. I enjoy reading blog posts like this. Those posts that give us a little food for thought. To me it makes your art work (fabric creations) take on a deeper meaning, a reflection of your soul. I have enjoyed getting to know you and becoming friends. Have a glass of wine more often and tell us what you really think!

Suztats said...

Lovely post, Jillayne! It certainly struck a vibe with me, and I thank you for that. I think it's not the "Being we all can be" but the striving for that, that is important. Because as we learn more, the curve extends further. I'm hoping I can never reach that point of being all, because then I 'll stop learning and growing. Hugs

oldgreymare said...

Knowing one's self is the best many never bother, and literally die having no clue as to who they were let alone all those around them.

I had a good twenty years mid life that I stopped the introspection because my focus was on who my kids would become. I'm glad to be back at it once more...

Have a great weekend!


Dorthe said...

Dearest Jillayne,
this was a thoughtfull post , full of good, and energi bringing thoughts-
because you are right, there will be so many words, and doings, not said or accomplished in every life on earth, I agree-- and thanks for that, I will add!
But the essens of your words, -being-living, here-now- is what counts, and like Diane said: hopefully being happy-too.

Thankyou, dear friend-
Lets have a glass of wine together , for more beautifull thoughts.
Love, Dorthe

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jillayne,
I think you speak for so many of us. Staying and being in touch with ourselves as well as others, is what life is all about. Too many never reach this point. To be happy with where we are and what we are doing, is such a blessing and gift. When I feel I am not reaching high enough, I look back and see how far I have come and then I realize, well, if I left this earth today, I can be glad in the knowing that life was amazing, full, busy and finished.

Thank you for sharing such thought provoking words. You are such an amazing and talented lady in all you do. Love the song too.
So great to see you too and thank you for stopping by.
Have a wonderful week ahead.
Great post dear friend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Maggie said...

What a wonderful read Jill..You have a wonderful outlook on life........I am so lucky to know you....... You are a very happy person and it is a pleasure to read your blog, see you in the store, and attend your demo's and classes. I am a firm believer in "Life is what you make of it" After working 44 years and now goal is to sleep when I want to, quilt when I want to, and do the things that make me happy....I am enjoying life, my friends, my husband, and my cat Casey. What more could you ask for????
Now you got me going on "old songs" I will be dragging them out tomorrow for sure.
Thank you Jill for inspiring me each time I read your blog, there should be more like you in the world.
See you soon,

Michelle May said...

We will never get it all done. We will never feel finished. It's how people (especially creative people) are. Having more desires than time alotted is what keeps us alive. When we reach a point in our lives that we no longer want to learn, do, or have more, we die. I saw this in person with my 92 year old grammy. She was just finished with her journey and she no longer wanted anything more from it. So, what we must keep in focus is the enjoyment of all we do accomplish and the delicious part of wanting more. Because, wanting more and doing more means we are living. :)
xx, shell