Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Edition of Engine In A Can

Happy New Year!
For better or worse, 2010 is gone and a new chapter unfolds...

I have read many posts in the past few days, of resolutions made and words chosen for mantras, and I am no different.
I have many resolutions:
yoga every day
finish more projects than I start
buy less
save more
eat better
love everyone more

All great things but there is something more I want - I want to be content.

I hesitated to use this for my word because it almost sounds like settling, accepting less, not wanting to strive for more. 
I have been a striver my whole life and now I want the peace and joy that come from being content with what I have and with what I don't have - content in the joy that being alive is enough and everything else is The Bonus Plan.

There are so many books, advice columns and television pundits that want to help us sift through whatever emotional baggage we have, with myriad exercises to help us determine what really matters, how to recognize it, what to do to get it and ultimately, to keep it. 
Many remind me of "Engine In A Can", a product that was available years ago that would instantly boost the performing power of your car. 
For an hour, or a day, but never permanently.

But every so often one comes along that speaks a truth...
Yesterday I was watching an interview on a yoga DVD I have, and the person being interviewed said this,
"You ask if Yoga can change your life? The answer is, how badly do you want it too? How hard are you willing to work? Will you put in the time everyday?"

Well, my friends - that hit home for me.
Everything I have read and listened to over the years, nothing and no one ever asked how badly did I want it and how hard was I willing to work to get it.

I think I'm ready to work hard.

I started by finishing my calendar board yesterday; it hasn't changed much, except the Eiffel Tower is gone and in it's place is a blank card for jotting down "Memories". 
There is meaning in each item... 
a jewelled horseshoe for luck, 
"Merci" to remind me to be thankful, 
"Bonjour" reminds me to greet what comes my way gracefully, 
 the shield of lace is symbolic of a mother trying to gently protect her grown children, 
a postmark stamp to remind me to send letters more and emails less, 
Paris because it is symbolic of Love, 
 torn muslin to show that rustic and worn is still beautiful, 
a rose and leaves are reminders of the natural world, 
 squares of fabric with writing (behind the buttons) for my love of words, 
the pearl and beaded pins remind me to hold on to all that is dear 
and the key is to help me unlock more of the mysteries of...

being content, which is my word for 2011.

Which I am also calling my "Year of Preparedness" - because I am so sick and tired of being disorganized!

My family is skeptical (they who know me so well) but we'll see.

Time will tell, if this a lasting change, or just another version of Engine In A Can...


Createology said...

Oh I love your word selection and how you have described it's meaning for you. Content! What a blessing life would be if we all could be content with ourselves. You are an amazing mentor and inspiration...Thank you so much. Happy CONTENTMENT in 2011.

The French Bear said...

Love this one......and yes, end disorganization!!!!
Your words ring true to my heart!!!
Margaret B

Robin said...

It turned out beautifully Jillayne! Your words were very inspiring and it sounds like you are ready to do what it takes to accomplish your goals this year. I wish you much success in achieving your goals for 2011. I always start out great, but fall short every year.


Laura said...

We may know you well, but we also know you're stubborn and if you say you're gonna do something... well, I think you will be like a little girl scout. Always, always, always prepared. I also believe you want it bad enough this go 'round! I hope the yoga sticks... it is just too good for the body not to do it every single day!

Tina @ TinyBear said...

I love how your have choosen the items for your calender board Jillayne. Such a great and wonderful idea. I hope this new year will be an amazing one for you filled with joy.
xo Tina

Becca said...

I love your calendar board, and your word for 2011. I hope the new year will be a good one for you. I look forward to sharing more thoughts, photos and ideas through our blogs. Oh, and drink more wine...cheers!

Dorthe said...

Dearest Jillayne,
your words are so full of meaning to me,-I have come to that road,too, where I try choosing to be contented with what I have- and not asking for bigger-shinyer-expensiver,this and that....

I`m contentet with living here, on this beautifull island in my little house,with my old furnichures-I mean old-not antique-nothing fancy-I almost alwayes love what I`m doing-and exept for the exatly same one goal of yours-being more organized-which goes for me ,too- I don`t want to change big....
Thanks for putting this in words, Jillayne- you does that so beautifull.
I love your calender board, sweet.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Marj Talbot said...

Truth be known, there are not a lot of truly content people. Contentment, satisfaction, relaxation, - those of us who invite challenge will be a certain amount discontent, disatisfied, and uneasy but that's what keeps things interesting. You can be content and satisfied with what you are doing even though you might be disorganized at the same time - as in my sewing room. The thing is to find the happy medium where a little disorganization can encompase contentment and satisfaction. Nothing in life is perfect, but as good as we make it.
Happy New Year to all.

Karen said...

Love your post and am inspired by it.

Quilting definitely brings a feeling of contentment and I've achieved that. So many people are "discontented" and are missing much in life, in my opinion. Taking life one day at a time, smiling at the good and not so good does help.

May you have a wonderful 2011!

Diane Kelsey said...

We can only hope and try to stay positive!

Anonymous said...

Jillayne, I can relate to your wish for 'contentment'. You put into words what has been bugging me for months! When is "enough" enough? When does the striving turn into "too much"? There has to be a balance. So I'd add "balance" to my equation this year!
Discovering what is important and what is not. What is worth getting all hepped up over and what is not?
Taking time to think about the balance issue...that's my resolve!
Today I already failed! LOL! I got all out of shape over a printer I just purchased that doesn't do what I told the tech guy I needed. My fault? Maybe not. But after my hubby installed the danged thing...he was patient. I was NOT. It's going back to the store. I'll either be content with the one on this computer or wait until I find one that does what I want...all in due course! Not the end of the world! Even if the Mayans said 2012 is going to be! LOL!
Hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to your words...content is a learned trait according Paul. "In all things I learned to be content..." Sounds easier than it is and definitely not a settling word. And organized and prepared...where do I sign up. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I think content is a wonderful word choice and a wonderful way to be. It's not necessarily settling as much as it is about not being ungrateful for all the good things you have in your life. :)
I wish you a very content year in 2011 and always, Jillayne!
Jo :)

Leny said...

Beautiful words!!


Michelle May said...

All you ever have is this moment. This now. To be content in this moment to the next moment to the next is what it's all about. Congratulations girlfriend. You figured it out. It's not that you're not looking forward to new things, it's just that you've learned to enjoy what is now. To love each step of the journey. After all, it's about the journey, not the destination.
Happy New Year!
xx, shell