Monday, December 13, 2010

"Tear Away" Stockings

All sorts of goings-on in this house right now.
Christmas baking, decorating, card-making, present wrapping, making gifts, planning menus... I suspect it's the same in yours?
 I snuck away today, amidst all that chaos and finished this.

The little torn and woven stocking I started the other day...

I even stuck to the plan and used the lace, flower and vintage key I had laid out as I was designing the stocking body...

A bow made of seam binding and twisted cord for the hanging loop complete the picture

I never did get to that Hardanger project for this week's Give Away, so I am offering this little guy instead...

If you would like to enter, please leave a comment about your favourite Christmas preparations.

 I'll announce the winner on Artful Thursday.

Below is a picture my good friend Marj sent me of her sewing room.
It seems she has the same equipment as me!

Happy hic' creating!


Barbara Jean said...

this is adorable!!


barbara jean

Barbara Jean said...

Me again.
I hope you do not ind, but I did a little post about your place here. It is so delightful I just had to tell my friends about you.


barbara jean

Becca said...

My favorite Christmas preparations are getting out Mom's hand written candy & cookie recipes! There's peanut brittle, "blonde" fudge (it's really cream fudge, but Mom called it blonde fudge after me!), gingersnaps, peanut patties, just to name a few. Sweet memories of my Mom at Christmas! I think she would be proud I still make these from her recipes every year.

Marj Talbot said...

I think my favourite preparation is the Christmas dinner. I remember everyone's favourite dish and make them all. It's a wonderfull display of colour and variety not to mention the smiles that each one creates.

Happy holidays to all.

Dorthe said...

Jillayne how adorable, it is so beautifull- and a thing to be displayed the whole year, even a christmas stocking,too.
Happy worhing I wish you--with or without a glass to make the whole thing more cosy :))

FlowerLady said...

Jillayne ~ that is so sweet. I love decorating the tree as most of the ornaments have meanings behind them. Some from when my DH was a boy, some from when his mother was a girl, some we've collected through the years, and some wonderful handmade ones from several ornament swaps at a favorite forum. I also love setting up the creche, which DH made for our sweet little Holy Family, three wisemen, a donky and a cow, that we bought as newlyweds living in Spain.

Have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Suztats said...

Your stocking is wonderful! I love the texture and the addition of the key. Hmmm, is there a locked package inside that the key will open? Possibilities!
A part of my Christmas preparations for many years has been making gingerbread houses. I love the house filled with the aromas of ginger, cinnamon, and the sweet smell of the icing, mixed with the scent of a live tree, hot apple cider on the stove, and cloved fruit. Lovely memories.

Robin said...

What an adorable stocking you have created Jillayne! Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

You girls are naughty! LOL! You know what they say...great minds think alike. ;-)

I love the stocking!! Now I'm going to go back and click on the images to get a bigger picture and see all the details. Your fingers always make magic in fabric. :-)

Hope you're keeping warm.

Hugs, diane

Anonymous said...

PS: I haven't even had "Wine O' Clock" yet and I forgot to leave a comment about my favorite Christmas preparation...
This year it's making my own cards.
Generally, it's not anything to do with the kitchen...although I do bake. This year I'm making little pecan tarts and am going to make peanut butter and chocolate fudge.


FredaB said...

Believe it or not one of my favorite things is buying gifts for family and friends that I know they will really like. Whether made by me, from the flea market or the fanciest stores it is all the same. The rush you feel when you spot something perfect for that one special person.



ps - the stocking is darling and I would find a place for it.

oldgreymare said...

My favorite preps?

Baking and cooking for my children..always and forever


Createology said...

Oh my a chance to win a Jillayne handmade stocking...Yes please! I have a tradition to NOT use my computer to produce Christmas card labels as I insist on handwriting all of my 100+ cards I send out. I choose to think personally about each and every person on my list. Happy Holly Jolly Joy to you...

Maggie said...

Part of my xmas preperation is getting together a couple of people and making center pieces, xmas things to add to your door,etc. and making special bows and decorations for the parcels that I am giving. The living room and Dining room are all decorated with the nutcracker theme with a variety of cones sprayed with gold and glitter and all my baking is done.....Am I prepared, yes I think I am....everyone have a great xmas and New Year.

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hey Sweet Friend,
I was just about to come over to visit when you popped on my blog. We are thinking along the same lines today. Love your stocking. Everything you do is divine!!

Parts of our Christmas preparation and we enjoy each year, is to decorate our home and then make cookies and plan dinners and write cards with Christmas music playing in the background. And, even though every year is similar, each is different in it's own way too.

Love the work table. Great minds think alike!!
Merry Christmas Jillayne.
Hugs and love from Texas, Celestina Marie

MosaicMagpie said...

My favorite preparation is the actual dragging the tree and all the trimmings up from the basement. The "Big old mess" that follows and then the cleaning up. You sit there in the dark with the tree lights shinning and all is right with the world!

Anonymous said...

Love the stocking, Jillayne! The vintage key is a sweet touch... love it!
LOL... the same sewing euipment as you, huh? ;-)
Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Jo :)

Michelle May said...

That is a beautiful stocking! My favorite holiday thing is making my cards. I make over 80 every year. Wine with friends is an all time favorite too!
xx, shell

Anonymous said...

The stocking is simply adorned. My favorite part of the holidays is always the anticipation...the planning and then the enjoying of company. Sometimes the middle part gets a little muddled and stressful. I am really going to start handmade gifts in February next year! I laughed out loud at the bottle of wine...I came into my craftroom this morning and noticed I had left my empty wine glass right next to my sewing machine...Ah, bliss....