Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Thing Leads to Another

 Now that all the painting is done and the new curtains are hung in the living and dining rooms, I have been busy getting out all my Christmas decorations...

A pewter heart hangs in the centre of the garland attached to the fireplace mantel,

Silvery camel and pear adorn one corner,

Vintage coal scuttle holds wood, ready for a fire,

The sheep's yoke from Marc's Grandfather's farm, tucked into this corner,

a glittered silver snowflake,

a carved wooden heart purchased in Paris two years ago,

 it's partner, but one with a heartfelt message, 

my little runner with a grapevine wreath I decorated a few years back,

and finally, my swan quilt, hanging in it's rightful place!

The colours of this quilt perfectly match the colours of the newly painted living room, but there seems to be a bit of clash with the hits of red in some of my Christmas decorations.

(insert heavy sigh here)

In all the scurrying of the past few months, I never gave much thought to how all my things would work in with the colour scheme. Some work just fine, others, not at all. At first I was kind of disappointed but it didn't take long before I started to see there was a silver lining here - a chance to revamp, renew and redo.

First though, I am going to relax! 


Maggey and Jim said...

Shell sent me over to say Hi and that your crafts are adorable.. I love the snowbuddies especially. Have a blessed Christmas and will be back to see you soon.

Maggey and Jim said...

I also love grapevine wreaths and used to make my own,,I just noticed that I was your

The French Bear said...

Hello, I am here from Shell's nice to meet you! I am in Alberta, we are neighbours!!!! I have been to SA a couple of times but just passing through. It is so nice to know another western blogger!!!
I love your swan quilt, fabulous! Your room looks so nice, love the wooden heart and the sheep's yoke, how precious!
Have a Merry Christmas and hopefully you will have lovely weather!!!
Margaret B

Tina Eudora said...

Oh Jillayne I love the Swan Quilt! I have a thing for swans I suppose that is obvious...*sigh* day I have to make a swan quilt too!
Yours is just too gorgeous for words...
Tina xo

Sabine said...

Michelle mentioned your blog and I really fell in love with your swan quilt! Last summer I was a swan spotter in my country. At my blog are several pictures of how they were growing! Did you design the pattern yourselves? I hope you're willing to tell me more about it! Regards from the Netherlands