Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Done

Today was the day I wanted to decorate the house for Christmas.

 I am definitely in the spirit of Christmas now as we got a good 10" of snow last night and woke up to the most beautiful white world this morning! It was the kind of snow that was heavy and wet; muffling the sounds of the earliest risers and allowing the world to linger in quiet through the dawn. Even the crows held their beaks for a while.

After a morning of shovelling and a few hours of putting out even fewer decorations, I decided I needed this for an empty spot on the bookcase.

So I went upstairs to finish it. No - no wine this time. It's a snowflake and needs to be symmetrical!

Now the button shows true, colour-wise, but look at my lovely blue shadow! 
(That shadow is the same colour of blue we noticed in the snow as we pushed it with the bucket shovel over to the sides of the driveway in order to use a spade. The most beautiful blue colour, it was as if the snow had just come straight form the sea.)

After I finished all the stitching and beading, I cut a piece of thin cardboard, centered the design on it, and using the basting threads as my guide, laced the stitched design on to it.

After all the lacing was completed, I removed the basting threads.

I am very happy with how it turned out and especially like the idea that I can just pop it out and put something new in, if I ever feel like a change.

I think I'll keep it like this for awhile though - I kinda like it!

Laura just emailed pictures she took of the backyard this morning. The first shows our two cherry trees...

And these are two evergreens, given to us as seedlings from the people in the house you see behind them. They were favours from their daughter's wedding a number of years ago and as they had extra, they gave us three.

I went and knocked the snow off them right after Laura took the pictures and thankfully their branches bounced up again right away.

The Farmer's Almanac says we are going to have a snowy cold winter and I'd say, so far, they've got it right!


Becca said...

Love the snow photos!

Dorthe said...

Jillayne,-they looks beautifull together, the frame and your snowflake- such pretty piece-and as alwayes made so lovely, dear.
Here we still have lots of snow, too-and it is COLD.
Hugs, Dorthe

Anonymous said...

Jillayne, it turned out just right. And with the elegant frame, the simplicity of your stitched design really stands out.

Our snow is gone...washed away by rain and temps in the 40s. They say we'll get snow today but the radar is showing it going N, S, E and W of us!

Hugs, Diane

Tina Eudora said...

Wow Jillayne the snowflake in the frame is beautiful! You have such incredible ideas!
No snow here in my town yet but they are predicting some all week long so I have my shovel all ready.
Have a warm and happy week...
Tina xo

Suztats said...

Your snowflake is beautiful, and the frame suits it! You have such wonderful ideas, Jillayne!

MosaicMagpie said...

I agree with Diane the frame is so lovely the snowflake is just the right touch. We have snow here as well and very cold. It is not offically winter yet! I guess Mother Nature did not get the memo.

Barbara Jean said...

Your little framed snowflake is so sweet!!


barbara jean