Thursday, December 16, 2010

Artful Thursday -

I have a confession to make...
the artfulness you see below was not created by me today.

It dates back to somewhere around 1998, when I was very firmly in my "all things Victoria magazine" stage.
But this week has been daft and it's the best I could muster up - I don't feel too bad about it though because:
 a) I still like it
b) it still "fits" with today's styling
c) it isn't finished (yes'm, that really is a reason)
d) it's so simple
e) I could find it!

Take a wooden craft shape of your choice and paint it with a neutral craft paint. Make sure you paint the front and back, and although almost all of it is covered with the buttons, pick a colour that will coordinate well just in case. Once the paint is completely dry, coat the front with a strong white glue (I like Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue for this sort of stuff) and then start layering in your buttons.
I don't have a work-in-progress to show you because I refuse to start anything new until some of this old stuff is dealt with; so you'll just have to use your mind's eye for this one! :) 
When you put down the first layer of buttons, use only buttons without shanks, and leave a few little spaces here and there. When you add the second layer, put buttons with shanks in those spots and the shanks will slip nicely into the gaps.

The other thing to keep in mind with the first layer is to make sure you get them as close to the edge as possible.

Once you have added all the buttons you want, let it dry thoroughly.
If you wish, take a thin ribbon or cord, the same width as the wood, and carefully glue it to cover the wood edges and add a finished look.

Glue a ribbon hanger to the back and cover the ribbon ends by gluing a small button over top.

If you do all this you will be done - I haven't (as you can plainly see) and so I am not done...

Tonight I wrote all your names on bits of paper and Laura pulled Suzan of oldgreymare out of the bag.
Please go to her blog  - it is a real treat for both the eye and the mind and one of my favourites to visit. 
Congratulations z. If you will email me your address, I will send the stocking out to you straightaway!


gm glimmerglass said...

This sure is a nifty project.

I had to laugh at "all things Victoria magazine" - I STILL go through my old issues and appreciate the beauty, although I no longer have mauve cabbage roses and lace everywhere!

The layered button idea is really versatile. I think I might try making a needle book cover for my sewing kit using your technique.

Also, wine and're a genius!

In just the right amount, this could be just the thing on a Winter evening.

Becca said...

Jillayne, this is such a fun idea, and yours turned out lovely! I might have to try this over the holidays when I have some time off. Thanks for the tip.
Congratulations to Suzan, lucky girl! :-)

MosaicMagpie said...

Ihave most every issue of the old "Victoria" magazine. I still love looking through them. The button heart is still a winner in my book. Most anything would look good covered with buttons!

Michelle May said...

Ah yes, I too loved the days of All Victoria Magazine. hee,hee,hee.
Fun project girlfriend!
xx, shell

Dorthe said...

your All Victoria heart is still a beautifull creation, and will alwayes be--and the magazines still close to my heart-that is the old ones-I only collected maybe 2 years copyes,----then I could not get them here anymore!!!!but those I have are looked through every now and then-and loved.
Love the different buttons you used in your heart, Jillayne-it is
very lovely.
wram hugs,Dorthe

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jillayne,
What a darling heart project. Your is so beautiful even without being finished.

Thank you for sharing the instructions to make it. Hearts are perfect anytime.
I sp enjoy the magazine too and so much from the past is still very much today in creating.

Congrats to the winner of your giveaway. What a blessing for her!!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and all good wishes in the new year!
Hugs and love from Texas, Celestina Marie