Thursday, December 23, 2010

Artful Thursday - Artful Giving

Every year I like to make something special for our friends.
The first year I made Christmas Pot Pourri, Gingersnap Cookies and Rum Sauce.

I had thought each year I would change it up, but no can do. Apparently my friends are all afraid of change and insist on the same treats each and every year...

Good thing I am not stubborn too... (hush up children!)

This year they are presented in a brown box, with the lid folded back, 
brown paper excelsior crinkled up in the bottom to form a nest,

linen jar lid covers stamped with an image of holly, the edges pinked...

the one on the right has had the berries tinted red and green detail added to the leaves (click and you may get a glimpse)

tied on a jar of buttery rum sauce with a piece of twine

Tags from Tiny Bear - why make something when you can buy perfection?

"NOEL" cards from French General 

rum sauce is fabulous drizzled on apple pie with ice cream, ice cream alone, or my favourite, licked off a spoon

why add calories unnecessarily?

gingersnaps to the left, homemade by my daughter Laura from the old stand by "Better Homes & Gardens" red and white cookbook

Christmas Potpourri on the right, loaded with broken cinnamon sticks, miniature pine cones, dried rose hips and fresh greens - heavenly scented with essences of pine and cinnamon

finished off with a sprig of holly from my garden

Artful Giving

And now to the business at hand - this week's give away...

Thank you all for sharing your favourite beaches - I have learned of a few new places to visit someday!

Fourteen names in the bowl and Laura swished and swooshed them around and this week's winner is:

Michelle May from The Raspberry Rabbits!

Shell is a sweetie, and a hilarious one at that. I have been following her blog for months now and a few weeks ago I stumbled across a fabric at work that yelled her name, and as she was willing to send me her address, I sent her a chunk of the fabric. Shell then featured my blog on one of her "Monday Meetings" posts, which then introduced me to this blog - The French Bear and so on, and so on...

Ain't blogging grand?


Becca said...

Oh what beautiful and yummy homemade goodies! I wish I was your neighbor! LOL Merry Christmas Jillayne!

Maggie said...

you have such wonderful gift ideas all packaged up with tags, bows, ribbons which only you could add those special touches. Like Becca said in another comment I wish I were your neighbor!!! Hope you have a wonderful Xmas and New Year Jill. Look forward to the many inspirational things you will come up with next. hugs Maggie

Anonymous said...

Yes! Blogging is grand! And so are your giftie goodies! Very beautifully presented, Jillayne. And I'm sure...delicious!
Have a wonderful Christmas, girlfriend!
Hugs and Blessings,

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Your gifts look beautiful and I'm sure they are very tasty too, Jillayne!
Wishing you and your family MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Laura said...

How about "turn the rum sauce jar upside down and pour it onto your tongue". I agree with you on the unnecessary calories but then I'd also like to add unnecessary dishes! :-)

Createology said...

Your wonderful box of homemade treats is superb. Each detail is the perfect compliment to the time you spent creating this gift of yourself.
Congratulations to Michelle.
Merry Christmas and make wonderful memories with family and friends...

marie said...

Artful giving indeed! Those are beautiful gifts to share.

Have a blessed Christmas Jillayne.

FredaB said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a Magic Bus could just stop by and pick up all of our best blogging buddies and put us together for a day. Dream on.

I should be thankful that with the internet we are able to meet other bloggers and communicate as we do.

Your gift package is very, very nice. The fact that the gifts are homemade make it even more special.
Your friends are very lucky.



The French Bear said...

I think we may be long lost sisters cause I do the same, package up goodies and share with everyone....I love that you have fresh holly!!! Rum sauce? yeah...who wouldn't want the same every year!!!! Oh my it all looks so yummy!!!
Margaret B

Michelle May said...

Well I can't believe it took me a week to get here. Wait a minute...yes I can! Good grief!
Yippeee for me!!!! I'm so excited I won!!!!
xx, shell