Thursday, November 4, 2010

Artful Thursday - It's All In The Details

I love detail. 
Everywhere I look, whether it's at clothes, architecture, landscaping, fabric, notions, doesn't matter, I notice detail first. I understand experts will tell you colour is the first thing we see but I disagree. I know me, and I see detail.

So it is no surprise to anyone that knows me, the things I make almost always feature some special detail or another. I have made these little fabric hearts for years, always in pale, muted colours of fabric and threads so you can see the texture of the cloth and the stitches that adorn each seam.
It was natural to add one of the torn roses I have been making lately; another layer of texture and detail.

A knotted, twisted cord for the hanger adds more texture,

The other thing I am known for is finishing the back of something in a special way.
The back of this heart features a beautiful antique mother-of-pearl button from Paris, and a single line of layered Cretan Stitch, covering the turning seam. 
While the stitching and the button both serve a definite purpose (hiding a seam and hiding the stitches used to attach the rose to the front), they add to the overall design and are a lovely surprise when the heart is turned over. 

Which is how I came to recognize the importance of detail in the work I do. 
One of the first things I observed when selling my creations was that people always, always, always, turned everything over to look at the back. In the early days when finishing things usually involved muslin, the piece was quickly flipped back to the front. But as I added detail finishing to the back of the things I made I started hearing oohs and aahs and exclamations of pleasure - people liked the surprise of something special on the back. And that often clinched the sale.

The added benefit? Detail denotes quality. People quickly realized that if I paid that much attention to the back of something, the inside must be well done too.
And so my work was recognized as being of good quality.

It really is all in the details! 


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Tina @ TinyBear said...

Beautiful hearts Jillayne. I love details too. They are so so pretty
xo Tina

marie said...

It is all in the details and the details you add are beautiful. I wish I could come to your Christmas show! I've seen a few things I'd need for my very own!

The English Romantic said...

You are so right about the back, I just love it when someone gasps in surprise!
Your hearts are so pretty and the backs too!

Anonymous said...

I love it! So sweet.

Debora said...

Love this, Jillayne! What a great reminder to pay attention to the details. This heart of yours is lovely, too. I love the...well...the details! :o)

Suztats said...

Your heart is beautiful, Jillayne! Ah, the details.......I often think that creative details in a hand-made item denote it's heart-made as well. Details equal caring, time and attention. It shows the recipient that you value them, because you've put your heart, and time into creating that special item just for them. And doesn't that make everyone beam? Hugs

Anonymous said...

I have two of your precious hearts, Jillayne. One hangs on the knob of the lamp where I craft so I see it every day. The other one is in a basket that I'm using to hold a white-on-white embroidery that I'm working on. It holds my needle.
One of the first things I noticed with the first heart you sent me was exactly that: the details! Being a fancy work person myself, I recognized quality when I saw it!

Becca said...

So lovely Jillayne! I love to see your stitching up close like perfect & beautiful.

Alisa said...

So, so true! It's all in the details!
Beautiful work, Jillayne!

Createology said...

Very important post and thank you for sharing. Your attention to detail is marvelous and makes the simple turn to stunning. Your work is pure art. Happy creating...

WW said...

What a beautiful heart!

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Exquisite work, Jillayne. I agree with you 100% about finishing the back of your work. To me an unfinished back or edge denotes a lack of pride in your craft, a rush to complete a project for monetary gain rather than for the satisfaction of a job well done. Thank you for reminding us to take the time to look at the details of our items for it is those details that tell the true tale of the artists worth. Deb

oldgreymare said...

Here! Here! well said. : D

have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

These hearts are really lovely, Jillayne! I love the stitching... just beautiful! :)

gm glimmerglass said...

The careful work you put in to your creations really shows the love you have for your designs. (Even the flipside)

I appreciate each tiny detail you put in and feel extremely lucky to have pieces of your art, myself!
Thank you.

The shabby flower you've put on this heart is so simple and beautiful, I am inspired to make one for a project I am working on just now.

Although to detail was praised by my mother - my father had a different take on it -
"You don't see the forest for the trees
and you can't see the trees that well either,
because you are so focussed on the
PATTERN of the bark!"

He was more of a BROAD BRUSH kinda guy - lol.

My "first" career was in pattern design, so that actually worked in my favor. :-)