Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Generosity and Friendships

Today was a happy day.

The bags for the Swap are sewn and only need to be embellished - Lucille has agreed to help me with that and I have agreed to provide the wine. Sooo... if your lace looks askew, or your bits and bobs are a bubble off centre, you'll know why!

Some of you sent beautiful little thank you gifts to me - totally unnecessary but so appreciated all the same.

I'll post half today and half tomorrow... I need to re-take a few of the pictures but got into the wine too soon...

from Dorthe,

A beautiful stitched heart with an image of Marie,

A close-up.

And from Diane,

A charming fridge notepad and pencil (I use these all the time!), a tag of lace and lovely hand made card,

From Susan, 

Lovely cards (I remember that post!!), a lovely stitched lavender sachet, and a beautiful piece of her tatting,

and from Lucille,

A bird of my own! For those of you who will be receiving one of her pieces, you will be amazed at the quilting!

Tomorrow I will also post about the squares I received. I looked at them again today and can't believe how lucky I am - I would choose them all over again!

I am overwhelmed by the comments and emails I have received regarding my last post. It seems there are many understanding souls out there, and surprisingly, most have wrestled with the same feelings.
I am still feeling the lightness that comes with finally making a decision one has wrestled with for a long time. I remember a quote from years ago that said 
"We all know the right thing to do, the hard part is doing it".
So true!


Createology said...

I have just read your last two posts and believe you are on a path to freedom and fullfillment. If only we all could listen to our heart within our soul and follow our bliss. Happy week to you...

MosaicMagpie said...

Love the quote and your gifts. Dorthe's heart is beautiful and so is the bird! Lucky you!

Appleshoe said...

Wow! This bird is beautiful. I would not even begin to know how to make all those quilted swirls (I'm no good at free hand)...