Friday, October 1, 2010

Mechanics of an Exchange

"So how did it work?" you might ask.

"Surprisingly well,  thank you."

I numbered each parcel as it arrived and this was the order (by blog name):

1. Den Lille Lade
2. Appleshoe
3. Diane Knott's Musings
4. Lucille
5. SuzTats
6. Sew What's New
7. Nook Cranny Gifts
8. Spun By Me
9. The HeART of Words
10. The Painted Gift
11. One Wild Swan
12. GM Glimmerglass
13. A Fine Seam

Each piece in each parcel was  also assigned a letter, so they were: 1A, 1B, 1C. 1D and 1E and so on.

Slips were made for all 13 artist's A,B,C,D, and E, for a total of 65 pieces of paper, which are photographed in the basket above.

Here's the drawing of the first slip...

The first piece drawn went to Dorthe at Den Lille Lade, the second drawn was for Mercy at Appleshoe, third was for Diane Knott and so on.

During the first round we had at least three instances where the number drawn actually belonged to the person we were drawing for, and I was beginning to think my methodology was flawed... but it got better and worked pretty well until the end - we had to juggle the final three in order to avoid duplications.


Here you see all that remains: where there was previously a parcel filled with beautiful artwork.... a small pile of green papers with the corresponding numbers...
And below is a shot of the swapped squares, stacked neatly and gently in order.

Statistically, there were some peculiarities (I love that word and use it every chance I get!).

Two stacks remained intact until well toward the end of the Swap. We were beginning to question whether or not we had stirred the slips well (we had - several remembered doing so) and whether or not we may have skipped a whole number (we hadn't). It's just statistics. 
Several people "exchanged" squares - Diane and Dorthe were two but there were more. I thought that was neat and I know for sure they will be pleased.

And I must admit - there was one square I wanted in the worst way. Don't misunderstand me, they are all lovely and while I am delighted with what I received, I would have been thrilled with any of them; you are an amazing group of talented ladies!
But this one really spoke to me - and as it had a word incorporated into the design, it really did "speak".
And when Marj called out the right number when it was my turn, it was a "BINGO" moment...

I got Diane's "Brr" piece. So appropriate, as I know all about cold.

Pictures to come....


Createology said...

What a lot of work you did for this wonderful swap. I am sorry I was unable to participate. Can't wait to see the squares featured in larger photos. Happy swapping...

Anonymous said...

OH!!! How perfect, Jillayne!! It IS appropriate for you and meant to be! :-) BIG SMILE AT YOU!

Now to go comment on your post above because it's relevant to me too!

Hugs, Diane

Dorthe said...

And I`m so happy to have been exchanged square with Diane, and can`t wait to see them all, -what a big work you have done, dear Jillayne-I`m glad you won the Brr.. from Diane.

Marcia said...

Great thinking on your doing the swap. I would have still been juggling all those pieces. I would have wanted one of each for sure. Oh boy, now for my sitting by the mailbox watch......I leave to do a show next Thursday, Bob Evans Farm Festival in RioGrande OH and won't be back until Sunday evening. Would love to come home to a great surprise.

marie said...

Quite the process and what a wonderful outcome....for everyone!

Appleshoe said...

Sounds like it was a fun night!