Friday, October 22, 2010

Artful Magic!

If this really was Artful Magic I would also be able to make this post appear yesterday, on the right day, but no go; a day late it is.

I am burning the candle at both ends and straight up the middle. Teaching, working two jobettes, the Friday Demo this week, making things for my Sale and in the midst of all this busyness I went and took it in my head to paint the living and dining rooms. Sheesh!

This post really should be titled "An Artfully Clustered Life"!

But efficient as ever, the Demo from the store will be the makings of this post.
We got a new product in: Texture Magic and I was intrigued from the get-go. I love texture and the idea of quickly and easily giving the fabric of your choice luscious, touchable, and beautiful texture was too much too resist!

So this is what I'm seeing now...

dark linen, stitched in a 60 degree diamond grid and looking like tufting, adorned with torn fabric roses...

This is what the linen looks like after the texturing- you take a sheet of texture magic (a kind of poly fabric that will shrink up to 30% when heat and steam are applied, (and note this important point - they are applied from a distance!), layered with fabric, with or without batting, and then stitched in a pattern of your choosing.  I drew the lines for the grid 1 1/4" apart but am eager to try this with a smaller grid. I also used silk batting for this because it has such a beautiful loft but is also very lightweight.

The grid is drawn on the Texture Magic, all the layers are put together and pin-basted and then sewn. Once that is done, steam for as much texture as desired! (The blue lines will wash away with plain water.)

This snippet is Osnaburg fabric, again the silk batting, and a stipple stitch.

View from the back.

I have been making these torn muslin roses for days now, late at night watching TV as I unwind from the busyness of the day. I have a little stash of them in various sizes from different fabrics and once I make enough textured fabric for some small projects, these will be needed to add just the right touch.

I just haven't yet had time to think through what those small projects might be!


Createology said...

Everything you sew or twist or make is just amazing and fabulous. I have not tried Texture Magic however it looks like a lot of fun. Love your torn roses.
Your swap squares that are being shared on some blogs are exquisite.
Love your energy and enthusiam for getting things done. Happy creating...

MosaicMagpie said...

Neat stuff! I will have to look for this. I really like the stippled look. Great looking roses as well.

Becca said...

I love those muslin roses! Are they difficult to make? Very pretty, and the stippling is beautiful. I still need to practice that more. Have a great weekend.

oldgreymare said...

Never heard of texture magic, but I am very curious to investigate now.

Thanks for the info and demo...terrific




Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, I think your candle is just about melted! ;) All that and your wonderful post too! I've been wondering about that texturizing product. Looks too cool to not to try it. I can think of lots of things that would benefit from the look it gives.
Love your muslin roses. Do you use hot glue? I've tried making them by just stitching them onto a batting circle as I wind them around, but haven't had any luck at all making them look anything but messy. I have better luck with that method with gathered strips of ribbon or lace. I guess I just need to keep trying!
Have a nice Saturday, Busy Lady!

Tina Eudora said...

Lovely Jillayne, I had heard of Texture Magic on a sewing show (not sure which one) and wanted to try it, maybe I will this winter!
Love the roses, I want to give those a try as well as I have many balls of ripped fabric and what a lovely way to use some of it up!
Have a fun weekend...
Tina xo

Suztats said...

I hadn't heard of this: it looks very interesting. Thank you for sharing! Love your roses, too!