Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love Came Down

"Love came down at Christmastime,
Stars and angels gave the sign."

That's the quote, gleaned from the pages of a December issue of Victoria magazine, that inspired this piece for my upcoming Swap.

Beautiful silver and aqua ribbons, one embossed with white snowflakes and stars, a lace medallion with what looks like a snowflake in the centre, a silver angel's wing, jewelled heart charm, and finally a sign lettered with "Believe".
Tiny aqua beads add to the detail, and a satin bow completes it.

I love this quote because I had never associated angels and snowflakes together; for some reason they have always been separate in my mind. I liked the idea of them together, up there, swirling and twirling around the starry night sky, sending love down to us.

I am very happy with this piece as well, but must confess, the colour in this picture is wrong, wrong, wrong! In real life it's the prettiest of aquas and although I do like the colour as it appears here, it is wrong! The pictures of the other squares made them look positively sickly so I will try again in daylight. 

A photographer, I am not!


Dorthe said...

it is absolutely soo beautifull, love the meaning, of it, and your wonderfull work.
Have a happy day.

MosaicMagpie said...

If the colors are wrong in the photo, they looks so right to me. I love the soft look of the cream and aqua. The wing and snowflakes, "believe"....wonderful.

sewingseeds4U said...

Your squares are absolutely beautiful. I know someone will be thrilled with them. Patty

marie said...

Your squares are so pretty...I think the color of this one is beautiful and I love the sentiment behind it.
I'm really looking forward to this swap! Can hardly wait!

Marcia said...

I am sooo looking forward to the swap. As each days passes I get more excited. I know now what I would do if we were to do this once again. I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into, other then knee deep, LOL. Such wonderful delicate work you do.

Createology said...

Once again your work is breathless. The inspiration of the quote and the use of the angel wing and heart charm perfection. The colors sound dreamy. Happy creating...

FredaB said...

Hi jillayne

This is simply beautiful and I can't imagine the colors being any better but I know what you mean. I have trouble with the camera getting the right color to come out also.

I have been so busy with Harv in he hospital and everything that I am just getting caught up on my blog friends.



Maggie said...

You definately have been a busy girl.....Your photo's are fabulous and your choice of colours are wonderful. Looking forward to the Demo's....can hardly wait to see what else you have come up with.

Tess said...

Such a beatiful work of art.