Thursday, September 30, 2010

Artful Knowing

Nah, nah, nah, nah na nah, I know what you got!

Sorry, I couldn't resist! It's so much fun, the knowing. Even more fun than the getting.
Tonight was amazing, so much fun you could feel the excitement. The oohs and ahs as each parcel was opened...

from Dorthe @ Den Lille Lade,

These are from Mercy @ Appleshoe

These are from Diane @ Diane Knott's Musings,

These are from Lucille,

Look at the machine quilting!!!

These are from Susan @ SuzTats,

These are from Freda @ Sew What's New,

These are from Michele @ Nook Cranny Gifts,

Is he not the epitome of a snowman?

These are from Marie @ Spun By Me,

These are from Teresa @ The HeART of Words,

Glad to see you let the tail extend!

These are from Marcia @ The Painted Gift,

These are from Tina @ One Wild Swan,

One first glance you would think these are all the same, but there are slight, subtle differences...every face has a different expression and there are variations in the flow of the cloak and the branches...

 These are from Genevieve @ GM Glimmerglass,

Detail shot - these have so much dimension!

And these are from me!

Some of the detail photos didn't turn out and I only posted the ones that did. I will show more from the artist's I have missed; you haven't been left out, I just want to get a better picture so I hope you all understand.

So that is what we saw as we carefully opened each parcel. 

Some of you very generously tucked in small treasures as a special thank you from you to me; I will devote a whole post just to them and that will also be coming soon.

This is a lot to absorb so I will leave you with these images and be back tomorrow night with a few more photos from the Swap itself, as well as the pieces I received.

On a final note, the quilt group I belong to were witness to tonight's goings-on and you have all inspired each of them so very much. There were more than a few that expressed interest in being a part of a Swap like this.

I know I for one am hooked. 
I am so grateful for the pieces I was allotted but I am feeling a little greedy - I wish I had one from each of you. 
Not very prudent, but something artful to aspire to ! 


Suztats said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Such beautiful work! It's great to be able to see all the squares! Hmmm, I wonder which ones I'll receive. Oh, this is exciting!
Looking forward to even more posts. Thanks, Jillayne!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jillayne, these are all so fantastic! I just love how everyone does something so different with a theme!! I'm coming back later to enlarge every single photo and take a good, close look!! Off to the shower to begin my day now....
Hugs with more wows!!

Tina Eudora said...

I am so excited but I am with you Jillayne, I want one of each...darn...They are all so beautiful!
Tina xo

marie said...

Whata wonderful assortment! You and your friends must have had a delightful time opening the packages up. How exciting to know that five of those will someday be mine...I can hardly wait!

Dorthe said...

Oh my, I too, would love one of each, but I will be happy for the ,ones I recieve-they are all wonderfull, in its own way.
Thanks,dear. and happu week-end.

Laura said...

Something else is missing from this post... well two things, actually.

The first is the admission of SHRIEKING along with the "oohs and aahs" :-)

The second is photographer credit... though since you wrote that some "didn't turn out" I'm not sure I'd want it anyways!

oldgreymare said...

WOW Lots of very busy women creating lovely treasures for each other.

Whatcould be better?

Enjoy the weekend!



Anonymous said...

Wow... look at all that beautiful creativity going on!! It sure is going to be a gorgeous quilt!!
Have a great weekend!
Hugs ~ Jo

P.S. Thanks for your sweet offer on my blog... I sure do appreciate it and will keep you in mind... you live soooooo far away from me, though. :)

Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh! How fun and fabulous is all of this!!!

Appleshoe said...

Oh These are all so pretty and just look at all the birds. How fun! (Sorry, I've been away)