Friday, August 27, 2010

You Can Go Home Again!

I finally have access to the Internet so I thought I would show you a little of what I have been seeing...

Stone Mountain Provincial Park, B.C. - this is between Ft. Nelson and Watson Lake.

Muncho Lake, B.C. Gas here was $1.89 per litre and there are 3.78 litres to the gallon - now that's real highway robbery!

A herd of bison just past Muncho Lake

A mountain at Jake's Corner, Yukon, about 70 km from Whitehorse.

The Yukon River with Grey Mountain in Whitehorse, Y.T.

Signpost in Watson Lake, Y.T.

The Signpost Forest in Watson Lake.
This started in 1942 when a homesick American soldier who was working on the construction of the Alaska Highway put up a sign for his hometown with the mileage. People bring them from all the over world and there are now more than 67,000 of them!

More of the Signpost Forest.

We had such a great trip up but no lights in the camper so Mom and I weren't able to muck around with needles and thread. Hopefully the battery issues will all get sorted out before the return trip so we can play.
The flip side was we had some great talks and went to bed went the sun went down!

Now I'm visiting with friends, walking on the old trails and just breathing it all in. 

Today was the Farmer's Market and my friend Carol and I feasted on fresh Arctic Char - yummy!


Tina Eudora said...

Wow Jillayne you have brought back some wonderful memories! I had forgotten how blue the water off the glaciers is. And when I was in Watson Lake there were no where near that many it has grown into a forest! I can hardly wait to see the rest of the photos!
Have fun with your mom!
Tina xo

Tiffany said...

Simply stunning!

Laura said...

K, when I said to take a pic of the signpost forest, I was meaning you should be IN IT!!!!!

Tess said...

Breathtaking, so absolutely beautiful. I would love to see these sites in person some day. I love the outdoors. That sign forest is awesome. I love how it has taken on a life of it's own. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. I am finished with my 5X5's and they will be winging theior way to you tomorrow. I am really excited now. Almost hate to part with these as I am so happy wioth them and have put so much of myself into making them. I do hope the recipents will be happy with them.
Teresa aka Tess

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jillayne,
Oh what beautiful pics. Such an inspirational world you are viewing.
The sign forest is amazing. I would love to be upclose and read what they all say.

Sounds like a nice time with you mom, even though the lights were out. Chatting can be such a blessing too.
Have fun and enjoy.
See you soon.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Becca said...

Your photos are beautiful, such lovely country! So happy you are having a wonderful time, and your comment about chatting with your mom until the sun came up was so touching and special, I would have loved an opportunity to do that with my Mom. Have a safe and lovely trip!

Lucille said...

What beautiful pictures. I look forward to seeing more. I too have finishes my 5 inch squares. I had a lot of fun doing them. I just need to label the back. See you soon. Lucille

paperbird said...

how very beautiful- i think this will have to be on my list of places to travel to- o very pretty Jillayne

Anonymous said...

Jillayne, it all looks so beautiful! And BIG! And when the snows come...remote!

You'll have to explain what Arctic Char is. Fish?

Hugs, Diane