Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thread Mess!

"Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we learn to stitch and weave."

Thread messes are a constant for me, perhaps because I am always mucking around with it in some form or another!
My first mess was courtesy of my baby daughter and husband. Laura was two at the time and they were sitting on the couch having a cuddle while watching hockey and I was upstairs making dinner.
I came down a short time later, appetizers in hand, too find Laura happily sitting in front of my thread shoe box (yes, it all fit in a shoe box at one point in time, a very, very long time ago!). She was having a ball pulling the little gold wrapper ends off all my DMC and then "stirring" the threads with her fingers into a beautiful, tangled mess, saying "Pretty", over and over again. Dad was oblivious...

How could I be upset at that scene?

And thus began a two-decade struggle of dealing with thread.

These boxes were handy for bits and pieces of leftover threads - but it isn't pretty!

The ubiquitous little white cardboard bobbins, now also available in plastic - ugh!

The other day when I was making the fireplace bundles I came across these as well and that started me thinking...
I have seen people all over the Internet wrapping ribbons and things on these so why not thread?

All I had to do was cut two little snips on each side to secure the thread when the wrapping was complete and then tied them all together with a bit of burlap twine. A ribbon would be pretty too though, or that neat bathtub chain, or key chain, or a twisted cord made from some of the threads, or...

"May your threads never tangle..."

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Createology said...

Your threads do look ever so much more elegant wrapped onto these lovely tags. Great idea you have. Happy winding...