Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swap Update

The first parcel for the Swap arrived from Dorthe in Denmark last week!
And from what I have been hearing in the last few days, more parcels are on their way.
Now I am really getting excited!

Below you will see I have started The List - and Dorthe's name is first on it.
As the parcels arrive, the sender's name will be recorded in the order received and that will be the order for the Swap draw - so the first piece of all will go Dorthe! (If any parcels arrive while I am away, my husband will be here to receive and record them so no worries on that front if you have already mailed it - otherwise, I am home on the 2nd of September and you can mail them to arrive after that.)

I'm not going to open any of the parcels until they are all here and then I will take pictures as I go so I can post the Swap in process -  it should be fun and Lucille has said she will help me with it. I wish we could all be together for it but posting it will have to do. When I'm ready for the Swap I'll send out an email so you will all know to watch for the blog post.
I won't take pictures of what you will each get though - that way you will be surprised when your return parcel lands in your mailbox!

This week I happened to be at the little antique store in Enderby which had just happened to have received a load of beautiful lace doilies etc. I didn't have a whole lot of time to paw through them but I did manage to find a few treasures...

When I saw this one I thought right away it reminded of Diane Knott! So Diane, I snagged it for you if you want it - just let me know and I will send it off in a couple of weeks.

And these little beauties are for me!
I am seeing a wall hanging of some sort and these will be snowflakes, with the one in the picture below and a few others that are lurking somewhere in my Stock... er, um, Sewing Room.

Somehow or other I am seeing them randomly scattered over a batik-type background with glittery accents like silver beads or sequins or those shiny crystal things you press on with an iron. It could be fabulous but sometimes my mind and my hands are at a disconnect and I don't want to get too attached to an outcome that hasn't happened yet!


Anonymous said...

Jillayne, I'm kind of red-faced! I was the one who jumped on the swap lst and look at me, 2 behind! LOL! Actually, everything for sq. #4 is pulled and ready to assemble. #5 is just a thought in my mind. It's a good project for today! Yes! That's exactly what I'll do today! 2 squares!
And yes! Thank you! I'd love to have the "pineapple" doily! You were really kind to see "me" in it!
And good for Dorthe! Enjoy your trip, take lots of pics and I hope you find yourself more goodies!
Hugs, Diane

Appleshoe said...

Yippy Jillayne! I sent my squares out yesterday and I do hope that you like them as well as whoever gets one. Thank you for putting this swap together. It has been so much fun. Take care.

Tess said...

All 5 of my sqaures are done...I think. Just a bit more tweeking and they will be reafdy to package up. I should have them in the mail by this weekend.
Oh and I love the doilies, so beautiful and such craftmanship goes into them.

Tina Eudora said...

Oh Jillayne I am so excited about the Swap I have butterflies!
I have the materials and the designs and tested out a few ideas to see if they woul look the way I imagined and so far so good!
Working, working, working....hey should I be whistling?
Tina xo

Suztats said...

Hi Jillayne,
Swap excitement! I'm almost finished 5zie #4, and I know what I'm creating for #5, so they should be in the mail in the next few days. Hope you have a fantastic trip!

marie said...

My squares aren't done yet ~ but they will be sent in time for the deadline!

Have a lovely trip!