Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stocking Seams

I have been frantically working on my class samples before heading out on Thursday for the Land of the Midnight Sun. When I get back, I'll only have a week before the big Sign Up to get them all done and that's not much time given the number of classes I am teaching!
I am almost finished the seam decorating on the stocking but a few of the stitches are a bit plain to my eyes so I want to add a few more elements to them. I prefer not to add any other embellishments until all the seams are done so I need to hurry up as I am eager to get going on the fun part!

So far I have done different variations of Buttonhole, Herringbone,  alone and with added Straight stitches, Feather Stitch, and an Overlapped Cretan.
You can see the Overlapped Cretan in the picture below - it's the one sort of in the centre: the first pass of the stitch was done in pink and the second in white.

Here I have laid down a couple of heart charms I am thinking of incorporating...

A bit of a close-up,

The fun part is digging through all manner of charms, buttons, beads and ribbons to add just the right touch. I have to keep reminding myself this is a sample for a beginner's class and I had best not get too carried away.
Not like the Victorians!


MosaicMagpie said...

I love the color palatte you have used here. Such soft colors and delicate stitching. Your class should have a great time.

marie said...

This is so beautiful! I wish I could take the class!!

Becca said...

Jillayne, it looks so beautiful! I hope I can learn to do that too, wish I could be there for your class.
Have a great trip, I hope your magazine arrives before you leave!

Createology said...

This stocking is very soft and feminine and beautiful. I would love to be in your class to learn how you do all of this. Happy creating...

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Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Jillayne. I used to teach fancy stitching when I had my needlework shop. It's such a relaxing art. It's much easier to teach it on evenweave fabric, much more challenging on a crazy quilt without the lines to follow - those classes were more difficult for students who had never done fancy work before. Can you imagine life without fabric, needles and thread!

The Main Twist said...

Absolutely breath taking! I have never tried my hand at crazy quilting or fancy stitching...I can see this will be in my future. Your beautiful work has definitely sold me. I too wish I was able to attend your class. Classes in our area have become few and far between. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Keep up the great work!