Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Done and Hung!

The kitchen curtains are done and hung!
I refuse to do a before picture because what was there had become so awful to my eyes I don't want to preserve it on film. Suffice it to say, it was a shiny brocade type of fabric covered with fall fruits and grapes; very "elegant" to be sure, but not me. Not me at all.
So I literally ripped into that bolt of Osnaburg I bought and came up with these...

Below is a close-up of the ruffle detail. I folded the top over twice to add sturdiness, tucked a strip of torn plaid fabric in between the folds, leaving about 3/4" showing and stitched that in place. 

Then I ripped a strip of Osnaburg about 3 " wide, sewed a basting stitch right down the centre and then gathered it to fit. Once I pinned it in place all I had to do was sew it right down the middle.

I have a cafe curtain rod so the curtain gets sewn to each ring and then hangs from them as opposed to being a rod pocket style. I like opening and closing my curtains a lot so this style gives me easy-fling!

And here's a view of the other side.

I took the pictures tonight using flash and after a whole lot of doctoring thanks to i-Photo they are at least somewhat representational of how it really looks.
I have worked a lot of extra hours these past two weeks but have the next two days off. I must say, working really does cut into your day!
Tomorrow I am going to park myself in my sewing room bright and early and see what I can get into - Artful Thursday is coming soon and I need some inspiration.
There is more of that plaid fabric left, and of course, almost a whole bolt of Osnaburg, but I did find some other silk fibres that look interesting, but then again, there are those little Christmas ornaments I have been sketching out. And the new towels we got in at the store - yes, towels! Nancy Halvorsen of Art to Heart Quilting uses them in several of her books for some pretty interesting little projects and while I was making a sample for the store I got a few ideas of my own.
Too bad there is only one Thursday a week!


sewingseeds4U said...

They look adorable. I love the torn ruffle...too cute and that plaid gives them just a touch of sophistication. Nice job! Patty

Becca said...

Oh I love the curtains! I think its so neat that you can just "come up" with that idea. I really adore your window itself. Most of the new homes here are stucco and the windows are so boring. Your kitchen looks like it has lots of character/charm. :-)

Anonymous said...

Osnaburg is one of my all-time favorite fabrics too! Yesterday I backed a pillow with it. Must have been catchy!
Love the ruffle, Jillayne!

marie said...

I love your new curtians! The ruffle is such a great idea. I hope you get a lot accomplished during your two days off. You're so right about working cuttinginto your day!

FlowerLady said...

Love your new curtains. They are simple and lovely and look great in your kitchen. You make it look so easy.


Alisa said...

They are great! I love Osnaburg... I'd wrap my whole house in it, if I could!

Judy Hartman said...

Pretty curtains! Your kitchen looks like mine with dark cabinets and glass inserts. That fabric is so rich!

Angie said...

Adorable curtains!!! Thanks bunches for sharing how you did them too. I am going to try some for my kitchen window. :)