Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artful Thursday - More Art To Go

This is a little wristlet travel notebook-thing I adapted from something I saw in a book a few years back. I think it's ideal to take to Art Shows and such...

The wrist strap is attached with a clip so you can easily remove it if you find it inconvenient.

On the left inside cover there is a variety of pockets - you can see them much better if you click on the picture to get the enlargement. 
There is a thin pocket centred on the inside spine which is perfect for a pen or pencil.

The right side has a pocket for sliding the back of a notepad in. I added the fabric topper to the notepad to match the cover fabric. The easiest way to do it is to fuse paper-backed fusible web to the wrong side of a piece of fabric that is slightly larger than you need it to be. Trim to the size required, brush the paper with a thin coat of white glue and apply. Protect the fabric with an old magazine page and burnish slightly with a bone folder to remove any wrinkles and ensure a good adhesion.

This was fun to make and will handy-dandy for taking on my trip.

Which, I should now be on! 
This is a post-dated Artful Thursday post and I have a few other posts that should hopefully pop up between now and when I arrive in Whitehorse.
I'll take pictures along the way and try to do a few posts when I get there of the trek up the Alaska Highway.
Winding in and winding out...


Tina Eudora said...

I can hardly wait for the photos Jillayne, it has been so long since I was up that way and I would love to see how it has changed.
Love the little pocketbook, it would be perfect for taking to shows and having a few supplies right there at hand!
Tina xo

Diane Kelsey said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

This is a really "nifty" little notebook. Like your site!!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Pretty and practical! Connie

sewingseeds4U said...

Have a safe, fun trip. Patty

Becca said...

Love the batiks in this piece!