Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dishes Issues

We have dishes issues in our house.

The first issue is one with guests - I don't use the dishwasher and that shocks most people into speechlessness. For about one minute, whereupon they launch into a dissertation on the merits of a dishwasher and how very odd I must be.
I hate dishwashers, and yes, hate is a strong word but in this issue, it's the right one. They are noisy, smelly, make the dishes feel funny and add humidity to the house. And they cost money I would rather spend on other things.
Give me a sink full of warm, soapy, fragrant water and a linen towel any day!

The towels are the second issue. My husband is the tidiest person I know and as soon as the dishtowel is wet, it's in the laundry. Great - who doesn't love a clean, fresh, crisp linen towel?

Which brings me to part three of the dishes issue - my kitchen is teeny and has almost no cupboard space, hence the dish towels are in the laundry room And when my dear husband takes the wet towel off to be laundered, he more often than not neglects to bring one back. So I am often left standing about with drippy hands.

So here's my solution. I saw this on a blog a long time ago and I honestly can't remember which one but she had some smashing ideas for things like this.

I found an old wooden crate at the antique store, sanded it and waxed with blackened finishing wax - the black in the wax brings back the beauty of the wood. (The last part of that sentence sounded like a Dr. Seuss story...)
I got some more linen and hemmed up another pile of towels, bought an olive oil dispenser for my Olive Oil & Coriander Dish Soap and added my scrub brush from Williams-Sonoma and Ta Da! 
The last thing was to put some thin cork sheeting on the bottom of the box to keep it from scratching the counter top, and to absorb any water splashes.
Now I have clean towels whenever I want them. And I tell my astounded friends that dishwasher paraphernalia would not look the same. So there.

Now on to other things.
Below is some beautiful lace a good friend brought back for me from her recent trip to Belgium - lucky me.

 I think the two wider laces above would be wonderful for those wrist cuffs like the beautiful one Diane Knott made for me!

More treasures from Belgium...

Yesterday I mussed and fussed with this journal cover some more. I am much happier with it and it didn't take all that much. I remembered one of the things I had learned in Collage Camp - if you don't like something, glue something else on top of it!

So I glued more silk carrier rods on top of the stitched word, added seed beads and buttons, a ruched flower (I can make other kinds but this one was already done and looked perfect), more lace and more buttons.

Much better!

The only trouble now is - it's a bit frilly for my friend's taste I think so this one will go in my Sale and I am off to conjure up something else!


suzieQ said...


I just happened upon your site and I am curious about the blackened wax. I have some old boxes that I love and I never thought about waxing them. Would you tell me a little more about the wax you used and could it be used for old boxes? Thanks so much, Sue

Terri said...

Hello, this is my first time to come across your lovely blog. Your dish box is just wonderful! Much nicer than a bottle of Cascade.
I too, do not use my dishwasher. Company can not comprehend why. I love to wash dishes. I love seeing them all clean in the dish rack.

Your journal cover is very pretty.

Suztats said...

The journal cover looks great!

gm glimmerglass said...

I tend to use the dishwasher as a giant dish rack after hand washing them. :-)

I may just take heart from your attitude about doing the dishes.

It is my least favorite chore of all time.

I find that I become a "person who sighs" whenever I am faced with the task and I feel like Cinderella slaving over a hot dishrack while the rest of the family is off having free time.

Your box is just beautiful.
Maybe a waxed box and some linen towels would help?

Anonymous said...

Jillayne, laughing at your "glue something over it" comment. I do that too! Or sew something over it! LOL!

And the dishwasher...We had one. We removed it and put a cabinet in its place that has two shelves. On the shelves I keep 4 large baskets filled with my small appliances and baking things like flour. Just under the counter in front of these OPEN shelves, hubby made a lovely wooden towel rack. This open shelf and towel rack is right next to the sink. He washes dishes most of the time and prefers it too. With two people...who needs an appliance that eats too much water and too much electricity. And besides, either of us doing the dishes gets to stand at the sink and look out the window at our garden and the woods up the hill. Pleasant!

I'd choose washing the dishes over doing the laundry ANY DAY! Laundry to me is a chore, a bore.

Love your towel box idea!

Oh...we use Minwax "antique brown" paste wax. Is that the same thing you use? It's our favorite!


Judy Hartman said...

I understand your love of washing dishes. I love to iron! Nobody seems to understand that, either! What a lovely box you've made up to hold your dishwashing tools.
That Belgian lace is so beautiful, and I like what you've done with your journal cover! More is better sometimes!


Lisa said...

i love your dishwashing makes the chore much more appealing and your photo looks like an advertisement for soap and linens!
Your journal is lovely and the colors are so fresh they jump off the page!

Marj Talbot said...

I was just wondering - what do you use YOUR dishwasher for?
I prefer not to wash dishes simply due to a skin condition that would require two sets of gloves. It's just simpler to run the washer.
I too would like to know about the wax you used for the box. I have a much larger old wooden box that could be spruced up a bit.
Thanks for the tip - if you don't like something, glue another over the top. Now I know what to do with my journals. Just have to think of what the "glue-on" will be.

Dorthe said...

Jillayne, the notebook is so ,so,wonderfull, I love the colors, and your rosette, is beautifull,
about the gluing- I do it -too -or sew something else on- lol.We don`t want to miss the beauty, because of one mistake, -so glue and sew :)
Hugs and happy tuesday -Dorthe

Tess said...

I don't own a dishwasher, never have and doubt I would want to spend the extra money to use one if I did have one. Your caddy is awesome. Love the color that it turned out. The lace is so pretty, especially the middleone pictured.
I love your journal cover...

Monica said...

I so understand! Lovely lovely, you did an amazing job with the crate.
I've grown up with a dishwasher, and always have had it, but I've never been happy with it, so that in the last year or so, while daydreaming, I have thought that when we'll eventually buy a house, I think I don't want it anymore (and wondered why on earth I have never thought of that before). I tend to wash the majority of our stuff by hand anyway (dishes, glasses, ceramics of all kind, pans, wood etc), as it's vintage or very delicate, and even if I must use a stool to sit down (cannot stand still any more) it's totally doable and even relaxing. I love having my dishes CLEAN and not "fun" and to take lovingly care of the stuff that I/we love! Oh, and it's great meditation time for me!