Thursday, July 1, 2010

Artful Thursday - Burn Baby Burn

Inspiration can come at you from many directions, or so I have found out this past week.
A new blogging friend, Diane of Diane Knott's Musings sent me a packet of fabric; a real treasure trove of fabrics she has designed for Clothworks. And in there was one of the lovely pears she makes.

The colours are perfect for me and I love the delicate print - so charming, and another pincushion for my growing collection. I know Diane will be selling some of these beauties in her Etsy shop when it opens (soon I hope!), but I know she also does special orders as time allows.

Below is a photo of the collection of fabrics... two separate lines she designed: Kitchen Memories and Caffeine Cafe.

For my Artful Thursday project I decided to play with Kitchen Memories; I love the happy colours and cheery prints that take me back to my mother's kitchen. And I recently enrolled in KC Willis' Collage Camp and have been itching to try out a few things. Yesterday I bought canvas fabric, ripped and tore it to my heart's content (got a bit carried away with that so there are a few very small projects in my future!), coffee dyed some, and tea dyed more (tea dyeing gives a pinkish cast along with the brown). Today I played.

This is where I'm at so far, not far at's amazing how much having had a fire in your home can interrupt your days. All of this, except the recipe card is glue-basted and ready to sew. I am still stewing on a recipe and the embellishments. I did find a wooden spoon I can use for the hanger but am thinking a trip to the antique store to look at all the old utensils there might be in order. 
Below is a picture of some handmade paper I have that will go on here somewhere or other, plus some of Diane's fabrics I have used.

One thing I was quite keen to try was burning the edges of the fabric but was afraid some of the neighbors and my husband might have some issues with that - burning is a hot topic around here you understand. Where exactly did I intend to burn this fabric? I was relegated to the fire pit and had a whole lot of fun with my new heat gun.
Another thing that caught my attention, but not in time for today, was a slightly burnt cedar shake from the roof. Surely something interesting could be done with that? Trouble is, Marc's a fast mover and I'm a slow thinker... the shingles that were thrown down by the fireman were swept and gone by my dear husband by 9:00 a.m the next morning and my brain is just starting to churn now, six days later. When I asked him if he had kept more than just the one, there was a bit of a pause, a bit of a sigh and then the reassurance that there was a whole roof more to come down. 
So now, where I am going to store them all?


The Polka Dot Closet said...

thank You for stopping at my blog and commenting on my utilitarian creative space ha! I was reading your blog and was riveted as I read about the fire. Then when you said cats, I almost cried! I guess your right if you had to have a house fire, you had a pretty good outcome! Happy retirement??? I am sure it is not exactly what he had in mind!


Anonymous said...

Jillayne, I'm so glad the pear fit into your color tastes. I was hoping its soft colors would! From visiting here I thought you liked, soft, muted colors. You're very welcome. It was my pleasure. I'll be posting pictures of the beautiful laces you sent me and your sweet little quilted heart. I wanted to make certain that you and Apple Shoe were able to see the cuffs before the posts found their way too far down.
I was so surprised to see that you've found a use for "Kitchen Memories" already! I'm loving it!! I feel honored that you chose it for your KC Willis project! Thank you! I did know that it would find a good home with you.

Anonymous said...

A question for you: What is in the pretty little bags with the sweet buttons that are in the tray next to my pear?

Tina Eudora said...

Jillayne I love that pear! Oddly enough I have been working on some pears myself. I got the pattern from "Prims" magazine and wanted to try making a few for a while. Last night I stuffed a few and tonight I am going to start the fancy stitching. Have fun with yours and I will post a few photos when I am done too!
Have a good weekend!
Tina xo

Anonymous said...

Hello! i just came straight from Diane's blog to see what you're up to!
I am now your newest follower! sewing and recipies and wooden spoons! it's all right up my alley! lol

come by anytime and I'll put a pot of coffee on, not for dying fabric, but for and if there's any left over..we can dye together!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Linda said...

I've been looking at your pretty blog and your work is so delicate and neatly done. I'm going to have fun following you.


It's great to have landed here... love your style & thank you for your kind words & visit... glad we connected. xoxo Laura

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jillayne,
Simply gorgeous. Diane is such a sweetheart and her pear is wonderful. Love the colors too.
Your creative projects are always amazing and inspiring.
Have loads of fun with the new fabrics.
Best wishes for a special 4th of July.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
I love Diane`s work, and surely yours too.
I bought two pears from the lovely lady myself.
Love tha fabric-have fun.