Thursday, July 8, 2010

Artful Bagging

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while now may recollect me sometimes writing of my once a year Sale, held at my home, sometime toward the end of November. In fact, one of my Artful Thursday projects was the making of the price tags for this year's event.
This year is the 20th Anniversary of my very first Sale and so I am doing a few things to make it extra-special.
Today I designed this; a fancy little shopping bag with a cute hang tag!

I found some lovely brocade-type fabric on sale (buy one metre, get three free - yippee!) and it was 60" wide to boot! I made a box-style tote bag with a fabric-covered cardboard bottom for extra sturdiness. (I made it extra quick by gluing the fabric to the cardboard.)

Front view of the hang tag...

Back view...

The hang-tag was as simple as can be. I tore two fabric squares the same size and then cut a square of Heat 'n' Bond Ultra paper-backed fusible web. The fusible web is an easy way to "glue" two pieces of fabric together. 
I cut the Heat 'n' Bond 1/4" smaller than the fabric squares, fused it to the wrong side of one piece of fabric, peeled the paper off and then fused the other piece of fabric to that, wrong side down.
The flower is ruched muslin and is glued on the tag, with a button glued in the centre.
I punched an eyelet in the top corner, threaded through enough cord to make a hanging loop and finished it off with a seam binding bow glued over the eyelet hole.

Et Voila!

So now all the design details are worked out - I just have to make 14 more... I am thinking I will give these to the people who spend $100.00 or more. Just a special little thank you from me!


Suztats said...

What a nice thank you!

Createology said...

Such a wonderful idea and the entire bag and tag are exquisite. How thoughtful of you to do such a generous gift with purchase. Happy sales...

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a wonderful idea to make the special totes and tags! Beautiful.

Tina Eudora said...

Beautiful work Jillayne and so special that you go to all that extra work for your customers, that is probably why you are celebrating 20 years!! Have a wonderful weekend!
Tina xo

MosaicMagpie said...

These tote bags are georgeous, when people find out they will get one if they spend $100., you may just sell out! The tag is just the right extra touch. What kind of pen did you use to write on the fabric with? I never get such neat lines when I try to write on fabric.

Alisa said...

Very pretty! I really like how you made the flower on the tag.
And I LOVE the collage in the last post! Beautiful!

marie said...

That's a lovely way to say thank you!
Twenty years of sales is a wonderful thing to celebrate!
I've often thought of having a home sale but have just lacked the courage to do it.
Good luck with getting ready for yours!

TinyBear said...

Your handtags are so lovely Jillayne - what a great idea.
Thank you so much for visiting over at my place and for your lovely comment.
Wishing you a wonderful day
~ Tina

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne, your bags are so lovely,and with the hang-tags very special. A very lovely gift ,to "big" shoppers..
Have a happy evening,dear.

Maggie said...

What a nice way to say thank your tote bags and the flower you have attached to many times you have given me some great ideas...already doing some of them for xmas....thanks to you. hugs Maggie